I love doing Andi and Melinda’s “My Favorite Things” posts, but I’m running out of ideas for their favorite things. In the comments below, please suggest ideas I could work on for their favorite something. Like, favorite flowers, etc. Can’t wait to see your ideas! Here are the 11 Favorite Things posts I’ve already put up:

  1. Books
  2. Brothers
  3. Winter Activities
  4. Hats
  5. Clothes
  6. Horseback Destinations
  7. Birthday Gifts
  8. Playthings
  9. School Subjects
  10. Dances
  11. Sweets

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

99 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Favorite trip
    Favorite foods
    Favorite Christmas
    Favorite chores
    Favorite hobby
    Favorite game
    Favorite hairstyle?
    Favorite season
    Favorite Bible verse or passage
    Favorite story (true family story)
    Favorite summer/fall/spring activities
    Favorite friend?

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    1. I’m loving all your suggestions! I am writing them all down. Then, in another post, I will seek out guest bloggers to help me answer these favorite and least favorite things. You guys know Andi and Melinda better than I do!

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      1. LOL, I don’t know if I have a favourite vegetable! Maybe peas or carrots? I like tomatoes, especially with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on them. And I also love corn πŸ™‚

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  2. Fav dog.
    Fav adventure.
    Fav chore.
    Fav way to sleep. (LOL)
    Fav sport.
    Fav event.
    Fav friend.
    Fav ranch hand.
    Fav race she has had.
    Fav place to go in san Francisco.
    Fav chicken.
    Fav insect.
    Fav flower.
    Fav cat.
    Fav adventures with jared.
    Fav dinner with riley.

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  3. I love celery! Especially with peanut butter and cranberries!! πŸ˜‹How about you?
    If I post this twice on accident it’s because of this internet. 😦

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      1. @Raelene
        I like peas, or green beans w/ spaghetti 🍝… I LOVE SPAGHETTI!!!
        -that’s fine if you post twice!


  4. Favourite holiday
    Favourite type of horse
    Favourite Bible character
    Favourite ranch hand
    Favourite sister-in-law
    Favourite Bible verse
    Favourite niece or nephew

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  5. Mrs. M. is Trouble at the Lineshack and Long Ride Home still out of stock? And do you have to buy the audiobooks as a usb?
    For the post;
    Fav. adventure or something exciting that happened too them
    Fav. birthday\birthday present
    Fav. holiday
    and i like the idea for fav. memory with And’s Father!

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    1. Whoops! The backordered books arrived last Saturday and I just forgot to update the product page. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, they are in stock now.

      If you buy the audio books from me, yes, they come on a USB. The files are too MASSIVE to sell as downloads. If you want audio books as downloads, you will need to go to Audible or Amazon to buy the Audio books.




  6. I think least favorites would be fun but some favorite ideas are:
    Favorite place
    Favorite dessert (not like candy, but something cooked or maybe ice cream.)
    Favorite animal (besides horses, of course)
    Favorite dog
    Oh, and why is it Andi AND Melinda’s favorite things? Why not just Andi’s? Or maybe all three Carter girls?


    1. Because if the follower is some weird-o from some other country and I go to his/her blog and see weird stuff, I remove them from being a follower. I want REAL followers, not strangers who have nothing to do with us, like from Nepal and I can’t even read the writing!!! I do not know why people do this. Go around and “follow” other people’s blogs. Maybe they think I’ll follow them in return. Not gonna happen. I dump them.

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  7. Favorite song? Favorite holiday? Also if some of these ideas seem too short or not enough for a whole post, you came do two favorites in one post


  8. I really like the earlier ideas of Andi’s and Melinda’s favorite (childhood) memories (especially of their parents or events from the Circle C books), their favorite family stories, and their favorite Bible verse, story, character, etc. I always enjoy “Our Favorite Things” posts, so thanks for continuing it!

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    1. Yeah those are good ones!!
      Mrs. M if you do do least favorite, here are some ideas
      least fav candy
      least fav thing that happend to them as little girls
      least fav holiday
      least fav school subject
      least fav horse destanation.
      Hope these helped
      I have a good favorite!!
      fav sister?

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  9. Favorite book
    Favorite hairstyle
    Favorite friend
    Favorite memory
    Favorite subject
    Favorite story told to them as little girls
    Favorite game when younger
    Favorite farm activity/job
    Favorite Bible verse/quote
    You could do a favorite time with each person(example: favorite memory with Aunt Rebecca, favorite memory with father, etc…)
    If you do least favorite.
    Compare the scariest event that happened to them
    Most disastrous bou
    Least favorite meal
    Least favorite subject
    Least favorite book


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