Scavenger Hunt Winner

I hope everybody had fun with this scavenger hunt (and visited some new bloggers you may have been unfamiliar with).

Okay, so on to the Scavenger Hunt answers. I gave a lot of leeway because honestly, some of the answers were subjective (what I thought was the right answer) rather than objective. If somebody came up with a different blog that also qualified according the clue, then I counted it a right (because I don’t know everything, and yes, the ones who had a different answer for a certain blog could make a good case for choosing that blog. So I threw everybody into the hat and the winner is . . .

Sophie T.

  1. How many fans’ blogs are there? 34, 36, or 38. I figured you guys could count.
  2. This new blog is set in Kenya, Africa, and the blogger focuses on photography. Dee
  3. This is a blogger in overdrive. She has two blogs of her own, plus she co-blogs with others. Tori H.
  4. Rather than blog, this blogger focuses on creating lovely hanging projects for sale. Katie M.
  5. This blogger likes to quote Peter Pan. Emily Grace
  6. This is probably our youngest blogger. She blogs about horses, her cat, her birds, and her goats. Kristi (or) Hope
  7. These four blogs focus on sharing book reviews so we can find good, Christian books to enjoy. (any 4 of these). Ella Grace, Lilly, Karina, Libby Mae, Brooklyne, and Book Adventurer
  8. This is without a doubt our oldest blogging fan, even older than Mrs. M. Colleen Reece
  9. These two bloggers share one blog and like to post ideas to pass around kindness. (2 names for answers). Ellen and Kaitlyn
  10. This blogger is a literary go-getter. If you explore her blog, you’ll find covers of 7 books she’s written. Martha A. (or) Rebekah
  11. This blogger “hides away” in her den and loves using GIFs for her featured blog post images. Emma C.
  12. This blogger’s ramblings are just getting started. We have high hopes to see more content this summer! Ananiah B.
  13. This blogger has found two other bloggers to help her in her story kitchen. She also runs a second blog with God at the center. Sara M.
  14. If you “climb rocks” into this blog, you’ll see a tab for  “writing contests.” So far, it’s empty, but we have high hopes. Zoey
  15. This blogger also reviews books but is humble enough to admit that blogging is just not for her. Let’s give her some “grace.” Lacey
  16. This very simple blog posts Bible verses and the blogger likes to make tie-dye shirts. Jalaena
  17.  “Musing” is what this blogger does. She’s nearing the cut-off date to having her blog removed, but I get it. She’s in college now. Ellen
  18. This blogger has walked through the valley of hard things and shares God’s grace in her blog. Melissa T.
  19.  writer with writing helps. Her blog will help you keep on track with your writing. Abbi G.
  20. This is a brand-new blogger who started “musing” her way into the blog world in March. Micaiah C.
  21. This brand-new blogger loves using the letter “M” four times in her title alliteration. Lauren
  22. Is it a blog? Is it a store? Does she have a real name, or is she just an “Andi Fan”? Andi Fan (or) Micaiah C.


This is the prize for the winner of the Fans Blog Scavenger Hunt: Circle C Adventures Journal and a pen. I found a whole bunch of green journals that I didn’t know I had, so you get the benefit!

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

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