Audio Samples

Samples from the audio series you could win. Narrated by Annette Romano. I Also included two random samples from the other two Circle C series she narrated (Stepping Stones and Milestones). Which is your favorite? Comment below. Like what you hear? Buy them here >>

Circle C Adventures

Long Ride Home

Dangerous Decision

Family Secret

San Francisco Smugglers

Trouble with Treasure

Price of Truth

Circle C Stepping Stones

Andi Saddles Up

Andi Lassos Trouble

Circle C Milestones

Thick as Thieves

Yosemite at Last

58 thoughts on “Audio Samples

  1. Great job Annette Romano !!! Your narrations are great. Love listening to them and the action scenes!! You draw people into the story. So hard to choose….my daughters favorite of the series has always been the younger Andi so one of those for her but I enjoyed Price of Truth


  2. These are great, I read Jem and Andi during snack time in class but this is the first time I played the audio. My class was so quiet (it was lovely and surprising) and when the sample ended they asked “what happened”! The Andi books are my girls favorite (ages 11-17) and it is all I read during snack because the moral lessons are so important. I am so happy to try an audio version now! Thank you!

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  3. I think my favorite would be Family Secret. I am so excited! I have read all of the circle c adventures books but I haven’t ever listened to the audiobooks. I got my younger siblings hooked on them and they liked them so much that they shared them with their friends from Church, now they all like them and talk about them every chance they get. Thanks for writing them Mrs. M and thank you Annette Romano for narrating them!

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