A Day in My Life at Fort Laramie

See more Riley’s Ramblings in Andi’s Attic >> April 1878, Fort Laramie, Wyoming Life at Fort Laramie has not been quite the same since last October, when Aunt Sophie died. For a couple of months, Mama helped Uncle Joseph with Baby Sarah. There were no recent new mothers in town, at least none who willing toContinue reading “A Day in My Life at Fort Laramie”

Coyotes & Chickens & Children, Oh My!

(With apologies to Dorothy’s “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” from The Wizard of Oz) This is another of those author trivia posts. I found my old Suzy Scribbles blog the other day. If you want to read some other funny stuff, head over there and go to A Blast from the Past. CoyotesContinue reading “Coyotes & Chickens & Children, Oh My!”

Elizabeth Carter Character Quiz

Heather J. is the winner of the quiz. Congratulations. Here are the winners, whose names went into the bowl to pick out for the random drawing. They either got every answer correct, or they missed 1 and got the bonus question right. Scroll down to see the correct answers. Prize Any Circle C (or Goldtown)Continue reading “Elizabeth Carter Character Quiz”

Narrator Visit: Annette Romano

I always wanted my Circle C series to be available as audio books. It would be fun to listen to them when traveling or walking. Now, all four Circle C series (and two Goldtown) are audio. The youngest series, Circle C Beginnings, was my experiment on Audible. I had no idea what I was doing,Continue reading “Narrator Visit: Annette Romano”