Birthday Giveaway Winner

Congratulations, Nora I. My judge, Ms. Donna, chose the following birthday gift idea as the winning entry, though she admitted (to me) it was very hard to choose. Nora’s entry came in at 47 words. Nicely done! Nora’s Birthday Gift for Andi “Happy 10th birthday Andi! I hope you like your gift!” I said.“Oh, it’sContinue reading “Birthday Giveaway Winner”

Icons of the West

Guest Blogger Allie Lynn Allie Lynn is a passionate and talented writer who first and foremost desires to honor God with her writing. She has been passionate about “all things horses” from a very young age, which greatly influences her work. Her desire is to produce equine-based fiction that is inspiring and entertaining without compromisingContinue reading “Icons of the West”

Circle C Contest Entries – Part Four

Welcome to the next batch of contest entries. A fun Monday morning surprise for as long as requests keep coming in (or I may . . . on this tenth anniversary of the contest) highlight all of the entries. We. Shall. See. As always, the links to these stories go directly to their respective storiesContinue reading “Circle C Contest Entries – Part Four”

Scavenger Hunt Winner

I hope everybody had fun with this scavenger hunt (and visited some new bloggers you may have been unfamiliar with). Okay, so on to the Scavenger Hunt answers. I gave a lot of leeway because honestly, some of the answers were subjective (what I thought was the right answer) rather than objective. If somebody cameContinue reading “Scavenger Hunt Winner”