Point of View Scenes

What is more fun than reading an original Circle C story? Reading a scene from one of the books when a fan fiction writer has rewritten a scene from another character’s point of view. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Point of View Scenes

  1. Hi,
    the link for ‘Count Your Blessings Riley’s POV’ isn’t working. It isn’t completely red on my screen either.


  2. Hi! I clicked the link for Count your Blessings Riley’s POV.. and the link goes to the story baby Jared’s arrival from Riley’s POV.. so I didn’t know if it might be the same story or if the link wasn’t working.. so I just wanted to let you know 😊


      1. Okay, I finally see what you mean. I found the fan fiction story from Ellen and luckily it was still intact on the old Fan Fiction site, so the link should be working correctly now and go to Count Your Blessings.


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