Andi’s Attic

A Peek into the Past

This page is like an old-fashioned trunk in Andi’s ranch attic. Here you can find every Circle C post I have written to reread or share. You can also find other treasures, like special pages for book trailers, digital puzzles, and audio short stories.

43 thoughts on “Andi’s Attic

  1. Hey Mrs M, I tried tapping the links for the Author Trivia and Just for Fun pages and they worked when I tapped the pictures, but when I tapped the words they went to different pages. Nota big deal, but I thought you might like to know.

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    1. In Andi’s Attic. Each blog post has a “category” and the categories are highlighted on the Andi’s Attic page. Click a category and you can read all the posts in that category (like Andi’s Journal posts).


  2. Cant wait for more short story audiobooks! The pic of the girl + phone look unexpected( because this is a blog about Andi in the 1880s!)


    1. Not for a long time. I’m trying to get this writing workshop videos finished and put up on the blog. I’m halfway through. Then I’ll have time for other things.


    1. Yes, indeed. Thanks for the reminder. I have to have ONE post LIVE before I can get the link to make everything work. I forgot all about it until you mentioned. πŸ™‚


    1. My writing books and the enrichment guides and lapbooks that go with the Circle C and Goldtown novels are all up on Amazon, yes.
      But if you are asking about any new “Andi” books, they are only available through my website. Why, you may ask? Because when I did the first one, the expanded Long Ride Home, my publisher made it clear that I cannot “compete” with them for that book. With that in mind, I have honored their request for anything else I write for fun. The original Tales from Memory Creek Ranch was up on Amazon (with their permission) but then they asked to publish the books so I took them down and now they are Yosemite at Last and Stranger in the Glade.

      Sorry, long answer. Simple answer. Go here:


  3. So, story by story, we will soon have all the recorded stories from the Tales from Circle C Ranch? Cool, thank you! Can’t wait for Monday when you said another story’d go up


    1. All but the last one, which is quite long, “Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan.” The rest are all recorded but I need to edit them (get rid of background noises, add a light music track, and any sound effects that I think might be fun. That part takes a long time.)


  4. Does a Matter of Honor have to do with Kate? Is that why Justin didn’t want to tell Andi about it in Dangerous Decision and why when Kate came home Justin told Andi the story? Sorry, i didn’t read Tales from Circle C Ranch


    1. Each book is $10 each as singles, unless you buy the whole fun pack. Then you get a dollar off each book. It’s too complicated to mix and match different combinations. And…. You are getting free shipping. πŸ˜‰


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