Favorite School Subject

As you probably know, I (Andi Carter) do not care much for going to school. I’d rather be out riding Taffy on the Circle C’s thousands of acres or (after I’m married) never have to think of school again. However, when asked what my favorite school subject is, I have to say . . . arithmetic and higher math. Arithmetic is mighty handy when Chad takes me to a livestock auction. I can add up everything he’s bid on faster than he can. And once Riley and I were married, boy howdy! I can figure sums faster than he can too. I do like numbers.

What is your favorite school subject (past, if you’re a grownup) or present (if you are a student this year). Leave a comment to share you favorite subject and why it is your favorite.

113 thoughts on “Favorite School Subject

  1. I can never choosw what my favorite subject is. It’s always between history and writing. I love all the fiction books we get to read with history, but I also love getting to write!

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  2. Tbh it used to be Mathematics but I’ve kinda developed a new interest in History and Geography so I would say that my favorite subjects are those two lol


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