How to Follow Andi’s Blog

WordPress has finally made it easy to follow a blog without creating a WP account. You can simply follow by email.

1. On the Home page, scroll down and enter your email in the box and click “sign up.”

2. The box turns into a confirmation prompt that directs you to your email.

3. If you don’t see the email to confirm that you want to follow the blog, check your SPAM folder. Many blog emails end up there. Once you have opened the email, unblock it and “CONFIRM NOW” your subscription. Once you do that, it takes you to a WordPress screen that shows the different blogs you are following (if you are). You can ignore that screen. You’re signed up. When a new post comes out, you will get an email (which oftentimes goes into the SPAM folder, unless you unblocked the subscribing email). Thanks for following Andi’s Blog!

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