Memory Creek Covers

Although these two books are Circle C Milestones books 5 and 6 and are part of the series, I chose to devote an entire page to them. Why? For one reason, they are coming out March 2022, so they are brand new and they could use the screen time. Another reason is because the story of these books and covers is fascinating! When my publisher, Kregel Publications, learned how successful these books were, they offered to buy the rights to publish, print, and distribute them. I agreed right away. They would add them as part of the series (good marketing!) and distribute them world wide and to bookstores. They also create awesome covers. They expanded the books to almost 80,000 words each and recipes from Andi’s adventures are included as a bonus at the back of each book. What’s not to like about this idea?

Yosemite at Last

This new book was originally titled Tales from Memory Creek Ranch. It came to life from the efforts of Andi fans who wanted “more Andi and Riley.” The readers of Andi’s blog voted on the name of their new ranch up at Andi’s old special spot (Memory Creek). The book is a collection of short stories. Four stories originally focused on the couple’s courtship year (the time between chapters 25 and 26 in Courageous Love). The last eight stories focused on Andi and Riley’s first year on their new ranch. In the new book, more scenes and new stories have been added. Yosemite at Last opens the same day Andi and Riley are married.

See the two photos for the new cover of Yosemite at Last as well as the journey to create the original Tales from Memory Creek Ranch.

Stranger in the Glade

One book was apparently not enough for Andi fans. Tales #1 ended with the birth of their first baby. But what happens next? Curious minds wanted to know, so More Tales from Memory Creek Ranch was born. This short-story collection has also been revised and updated with expanded scenes and new stories.

The cover for Stranger in the Glade is a combination of a Deposit Photo Riley and a Christmas picture from a couple of years ago of Jessica and her three little boys. She still looks young (though not like a teenager, but since Andi is a mother, that does age you somewhat, especially as a rancher’s wife in the 1880s. Here are those pictures. After that, go down memory lane with the original More Tales covers. Fans had their say and voted on the final cover.

20 thoughts on “Memory Creek Covers

  1. That other Yosemite at Last cover is so cool!!! The cover they chose is really pretty, but that dark cover looks so amazing. It’s a little disappointing that we can’t have BOTH covers.

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    1. I know! When I first sent it in, my marketing manager raved over it, but apparently the graphics department decided the two covers were too different and I agree that it’s probably best to not have such a huge contrast. I liked it because Andi and Riley see the fire fall in Yosemite and I found a picture of it that I could use for free for the background. I thought it might be nice to have a background from Yosemite since that is what they titled the book as, but I do like the one they created (I sent both mock ups and they chose the more ranch-looking one.)

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