Circle C Milestones Writing Contest

Milestones Writing Contest

This contest has closed. Thanks for the 57 entries!

Check out this link to Past Contests >> on Friday, March 4, after 9 am Pacific Time to see the winners and their winning entries. Note: This contest will not be posting any of the entries other than the winning entries. The stories are so short and there are so many of them. Thanks for your understanding.

To celebrate the release of her new Milestones Memory Creek books, Mrs. M’s publisher is sponsoring a fun Valentine’s Day writing contest (with awesome prizes). Follow the steps to enter. Contest runs February 14-March 1, 2022. Winners will be notified by email and also announced March 4 on Andi’s blog.

Have questions? Leave a comment.

Read the Rules

  • Ages 10-17
  • Write 500 words or less.
  • Andi can be any age.
  • Five winners.
  • Have parent permission.
  • Use the form on this page.
  • Contest open to U.S. mailing addresses only.
  • One entry per person.

Choose One Writing Prompt

It’s 1886. Andi Carter, the main character of the Circle C series, is now Mrs. Andrea Prescott and is beginning a whole new set of adventures with her new husband, Riley. They run their own small ranch in the Sierra foothills of California. Choose one of these prompts and create a short (500 words) story.

  1. The moment Andi woke up, she knew something wasn’t right. 
  2. Andi looked out the window and couldn’t believe what she saw!
  3. Andi is hiding a big secret. What is it and what happens?

Entries will be judged by Susan Marlow, Emily Sinclair, and Colleen Reece.

Gold Star (1 winner)

  • Memory Creek 2-book set
  • Circle C Adventures tote bag
  • Horse socks
  • Andi and Riley keychains

Silver Star (1 winner)

  • Memory Creek 2-book set
  • Circle C Milestones journal
  • Andi and Riley keychains

Bronze Star (3 winners)

  • Memory Creek 2-book set

Prizes shipped to U.S. and APO addresses only.

This contest has ended.

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to the Milestones writing contest! I received 57 entries. I hope you had fun and look forward to other contests on Andi’s blog.

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188 thoughts on “Circle C Milestones Writing Contest

    1. I have a question for you, Lexi. How did you find this page since I haven’t launched the contest yet, so this is supposed to be a hidden page. And if you read the rules, you can see that Andi can be any age, LOL.


  1. Hi Mrs. Marlow!
    In the rules it says Andi can be any age, but then in the writing prompts it talks about her as an adult….so I just wanted to make sure it was any age from kid to adult. Is that correct?
    And also do I say before I start my story which writing prompt I had chosen or do I make it clear through the story which one I had chosen?
    One more question🙂, can we have more than one entry?
    Sorry for all the questions!


  2. I was wondering, why do I need my parents permission to enter? Not that it’s a problem or anything. I was just curious because other contests haven’t needed it, so I was wondering what made this one different.


    1. However, that is only for me. They don’t “officially” release (to bookstores, Amazon,, etc.) until March. But you can buy them from me on my Circle C website.


  3. Not trying to be a pest, but I don’t see my story on the page. If you could check into that, that would be great. Thx!

    Circle C Adventures: The Winter Gold. By Lexi Wiebusch.


  4. I’m already almost done with mine! Mom has to proofread it, though. *makes face* that will NOT be fun. “Change, like, your whole paragraph Lexi. None of it works.” My mom would say. I would say, “Mom! My whole paragraph means my whole post! Really?” Sheesh. Anyway, I should have mine sent in soon.

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  5. Hey Tori, if your gonna write about Andi having Jared, I encourage that! That is a good idea. I also might write about that, so I really would like to see how ours turn out! Whoop Whoop!


    1. If it is for the contest, make sure you stick to the prompt you choose! So far, some entries have come in that have nothing to do with the rules (the prompt).


      1. Oh yeah! I can’t wait to find out! Wish the deadline was sooner, or I heard about this later. I’m a really fast writer. sigh* Hope you have fun writing it! (You totally should include Jared. He’s so cute! If you don’t, it’ll still be the best story ever. Great job!)


  6. I just submitted my entry! Writing a 500-word story was harder than I thought! I had to trim my story a little bit, but it was still so fun!

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  7. When submitting my story, it says, ¨email.¨ Is that my email or my parents email? Or does it matter? Thanks!


    1. Also, when I was writing this comment, I had everything filled out for the contest above (name, age, parents name, email, [I was using mine temporarily] and the story) but when I clicked post comment, the entire page reloaded and story submission disappeared. I don´t think it did, but it might have gotten submitted along with the post. I am planning to re-submit my story again (just in case it didn´ t go the first time) but I just wanted to let you know in case you see my story twice. 🙂


      1. I meant when I clicked ¨post comment¨ for the comment I had just posted (the one about the emails). The whole page re-loaded when I posted the comment asking the question, so I wasn´t sure what happened to the story I had written up (I had it all filled out the same time as I was writing the comment). Does that make sense? I hope it does. I am terrible at explaining things lol 😅 😂


      2. I did. I wrote in word doc, but I was getting ready to submit it, so I had pasted it into the form. Then I saw that I needed an email, but then I wasn´t sure which one to use lol. My story is safe though.


  8. I am sorry Lexi, i really appreciate you trying to help answer my question but i didn’t really understand.
    Mrs. M, how long had Andi been married she she first found out she was pregnant?


  9. Ooooooookay. No wonder Tori didn’t understand. I wasn’t giving her the correct information! Sorry Tori!


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