Annual Contest

The 2022 annual story-writing contest is taking a rest for this upcoming year. Mrs. M is teaching a couple of 12-week Zoom online writing courses this year so her time is limited. Check back to learn about the possibility for a 2023 contest.

2021 Beyond the Rising Sun

AGES 6-9

First Place– Nicholas Koturbash, age 7, “Jem and Ellie’s Fishy Day”
Second Place– Millicent Paulton, age 8, “Andi’s Mystery of the Missing Chickens”
Third Place– Catalina Kelley, age 9, “Strike to the Rescue”
Honorable Mention- Lilly Shelton, age 9, “Andi’s Daisy Day”

AGES 10-13
First Place– Scotia Lentz, age 13, “A Golden Adventure”
Second Place– Abigail Creamer, age 13, “A Lesson”
Third Place– Hahna Schroy, age 12, “True Love”
Honorable Mention– Elizabeth Tompkins, 13, “Andi’s Lonely Little Foal: Taffy’s Story”

AGES 14-17
First Place– Ree Deemed (pen name), “Broken to Be Healed”
Second Place– Sienna Escobar, age 14, “Gertrude”
Third Place– Anna Parks, age 15, “Susie”
Honorable Mention– Tiana Simpson, “Truly Free”

2020 Lassoing Adventure

AGES 6-9

First Place-J.R. Stanger, age 9, “Nugget’s Peril”
Second Place-Julia, age 7, “Andi Saves the Day”
Third Place-Miykah Furqueron, age 9, “Lost in the Woods”
Honorable Mention-Calah Keup, age 8, “Taffy’s Save”

AGES 10-13
First Place-Abigail, age 13, “Stubborn Unforgiveness”
Second Place-Lanae Ringenberg, age 12, “Andi, the Great Stilt Walker”
Third Place-Charis, age 13, “A New Creation”
Honorable Mention-Sophia Engesser, age 10, “The Price of Bravery”

AGES 14-17
First Place-Ellen Senechal, age 15, “Lead Me”
Second Place-Abigail Jones, age 15, “Moonbow”
Third Place-Alyssa Guthrie, age 17, “Trail of Trust”
Honorable Mention-Grace Hammond, age 13, “Nanny Andi”

2019 Western Sunrise

AGES 6-9
First Place-Sophia Engesser, age 9, “Sadie Hollister and the Fire”
Second Place-Moriah, age 6, “Andi’s Little Cougar Cub”
Third Place-Ava Keup, age 9, “The Upside-down Mystery”
Honorable Mention-Trinity Santoro, age 9, “Trouble on the Range”
Honorable Mention-Susie, age 8, “Too Much Trouble”

AGES 10-13
First Place-Patience Yeh, “The Midnight Nightmare”
Second Place-Sophia Davis, age 13, “Stolen Treasure”
Third Place-Gabriella Widman, age 13, “Change of Plans”
Honorable Mention-Alivia Ulrich, age 13, “Facing One’s Fears”

AGES 14-17
First Place-Emily Siburt, age 17, “Proper Andi”
Second Place-Hannah Mead, age 17, “Friendship from Tears”
Third Place-Martha Abilene, age 14, “The Tragic Friendship”

Honorable Mention-Christiana Thomas, age 14, “Turning Point”

2018 Into the Sunset

AGES 6-9
First Place: “A Lesson in Listening” Eliana Kelley, age 7
Second Place: “Lucky” Adina Elizabeth Newlin, age 9
Third Place: “Andi’s Christmas Miracle,” Kezzy Wheaton
Honorable Mention: “The Gold” Joy Hopper, age 6

AGES 10-13
First Place: “The Battle of the Bull” Grace C., age 12
Second Place: “A Blessing from Tragedy,” Ellen Senechal, age 13
Third Place: “Chasing the Rapids,” Victoria Crooks
Third Place (2): A Memorable Fourth of July,” Grace Hopper, age 12
Honorable Mention: “Trapped” Mariah Mead, age 12

AGES 14-17
First Place: “Joy Cometh in the Morning,” Olivia Marse, age 17
Second Place: “My Happy Place” Faith Potts, age 17
Third Place: “To the Moon and Back,” Kaitlyn Krispense, age 16
Honorable Mention: “Revenge Backfires,” Calah Tayor, age 15

2016 Along the Western Trail

AGES 6-9
First Place: Kurt, age 9 “Andi’s Blessed Day”
Second Place: Katie Noel, age 9  “The Capture”
Third Place: Shelby Doyle, age 8   “Andi and the Lost Pony”
Honorable Mention: Karalyn Krispense, age 9  “Long Walk Home”

AGES 10-13
First Place: Christiana Thomas, age 11 “Rosa’s Adventure”
Second Place: Paige Turner (pen name), age 12  “The Jewelry Box”
Third Place: Abby Jones, age 11  “All Things Work Together”
Honorable Mention: Makenna Kendall, age 13  “The Last Job”

AGES 14-17
First Place: Janelle Martin, Age 16  “Secrets at the Madera Mine”
Second Place: Kaitlyn Michael, age 17  “Monkey Business”
Third Place: Rebekah Eddy, age 17  “A Visit from a Friend”
Honorable Mention: Ages 14-17: Hannah Mead, age 14  “A Desperate Prayer”
Honorable Mention: Ages 14-17: Krystal Sky (pen name), age 16  “Horses with Snowy Tales”

2014-2015 Beneath the Western Sky

AGES 6-9
First Place: “Finding Pickles,” Adahmariyah Kelley, age 8 
Second Place: “Andi’s Birthday Crisis,” Aaremey Cathey, age 8
Third Place: “The Gift,” Grace, age 9
Honorable Mention: “Cave Trouble,” Sarah Sargent, age 7

AGES 10-13
First Place: “Truth or Tale?” Grace Cary
Second Place: “Andi’s Double Victory,” Lauren Friesen, age 13
Third Place: “Stolen,” Lauren Thomas
Honorable Mention: “They’ll Know Us by Our Love, Kaitlyn, age 13

AGES 14-17
First Place: “The Hidden Plot,” Roseanna Martin, age 14
Second Place: “Through Times Unclear,” Jesseca Wheaton, age 16
Third Place: “Chad’s Great War,” Elizaveta Korobleva, age 14

Honorable Mention: “No Greater Love,” Heidi Brown, age 15

2013 Way Out West

AGES 6-9
First Place: “Andi Gives Thanks,” Carolyn Grace Olmstead, age 7
Second Place: “Andi’s New Friend,” Abbie Langman, age 8
Third Place: “An Adventure,” Cora Raub, age 9
Honorable Mention: “Andi’s Horse Party,” Kurt Schmucki

AGES 10-13
First Place: “Life without Taffy,” Kara Teachman
Second Place: “Facing Fears with Hooves,” Anne Morud, age 12
Third Place: “Andi’s Not-so-bad Christmas,” Kaylie Brase, age 12
Honorable Mention: “The Creek-bed Discovery,” Rebekah Huber, age 13

Honorable Mention: “Saving Taffy,” Kayla Bjorn, age 9

AGES 14-17
First Place: “Like Brother, Like Sister,” Emily McConnell, age 17
Second Place: “Auld Acquaintance,” Rebekah Eddy, age 15
Third Place: “Circling Wolves,” Kathleen

Honorable Mention: “The Stolen Stallions,” Lauren Stoner

Honorable Mention: “Andi’s Matchmaking Adventure,” Anna Teachman

Friends, it is with great sadness that I share this unexpected news. A joyful and very committed Andi fan, ANNA TEACHMAN, and her father, Mike, were ushered into eternal heaven on July 11, 2018. Her mother, Lori, emailed me with this news. I so appreciate her taking time out of her sorrow to let me know that “. . . one of your biggest fans . . .” was killed in a car accident in Oklahoma. She was on her way to orientation at OK state U to begin her studies this fall. Here is the news article concerning Anna. KOMO 4 News >>. You can read her honorable mention story, “Andi’s Matchmaking Adventure,” on page 119 of Way Out West >>

Anna Teachman is standing next to her mom, Lori.

16 thoughts on “Annual Contest

  1. oh man! thanks so much for doing this! i’ve always wanted to read the placed stories but didn’t want to buy them! just because i guess i’m cautious on spending money XP. but thanks for giving me this opportunity to read these!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hosting four contests a year–fall winter spring summer–gives me no time to put on the more extensive annual contests, I’m afraid.
      I guess I could put up a survey . . . four seasonal contests or ONE annual contest. Which would you vote for?


      1. Oh, I don’t know! They’re both amazing. That makes complete sense, though. 🙂
        (I’ve always enjoyed the annual contests ❤ )


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