Behind the Scenes

Saddle up and ride behind the scenes of the Circle C series. You’ll find pictures and biographies of the characters, pictures of the book settings, and the stories behind the covers for the books. Looking for something specific? Use the search box!

21 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. I love your books! Also the blog is great! We have all of your books and I have read them over and over again. You can’t get tired of Mrs. M’s books!

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    1. They are FOR sale but will not be discounted because they cost to much to print and have shipped to me.
      The books (fan fun extras) are discounted a little bit if you by both (or when you buy all three, when The Terrible Secret goes up in a few weeks).
      The tumbler is on a GREAT discount ($4 instead of $7.50) if you include it with a Circle C Fun Pack (see it at this link):

      But individual products are not discounted. I just can’t afford to do that when I give FREE SHIPPING (consider that the discount since shipping is horribly expensive).


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