39 thoughts on “Circle C Characters

  1. Mrs. M, I looked for Ceaser in Circle C Horses but can only find him in “Taffy’s family tree” could you tell me if he really is Andi’s dads horse

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  2. I have another question, in “ Andi lassos trouble” there are two other ranches that are listed “Triple L brand” and “ Bent pine ranch” does triple L have a more specific ranch name or is it just “Triple L ranch”

    P.S. Thankyou

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    1. It’s the Triple L ranch, named for the ranch owner’s three daughters: Liberty (Libby), Laura, and Lana Flanders. They are mentioned in “Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan,” from Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch, a short-story collection I wrote years ago that my publisher published.

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    1. What you need to understand is that 1800s country children did not have “friends.” They had their family out on a ranch. But in Andi’s case, her playmates were the Mexican hired hands’ children pretty much, at least until Riley came along when she was six. The hired hands worked and lived on the ranch.


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