I’m Andi Carter, the main character in the Circle C book series. These are my adventures. This site is packed full of stories, peeks behind the scenes, and blog posts. To see everything organized, visit Andi’s Attic.

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Fan Fun Extras

Thanks to Andi fans who always want “more, more, more,” I’ve created fun book packs (also available as single titles). Two titles have been restored from original manuscripts and include multiple points of view and differ from the published versions. The Terrible Secret is an unfinished Circle C adventure that I just finished. It is set one month after Price of Truth.

This Week’s Blog Posts

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Fan Fiction!

It’s time for Fan Fiction Friday. Check out these fun stories! Two from Lizzy D. a fan fiction story written by “team” authors Tori H. and Sara M., and a solo story by Sara as…

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I love doing Andi and Melinda’s “My Favorite Things” posts, but I’m running out of ideas for their favorite things. In the comments below, please suggest ideas I could work on for their favorite something.…

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Ideas for Stories?

Find other Let’s Write posts in Andi’s Attic >> This post request comes from Sara M. She likes to write stories, as you can probably tell from the number of Fan Fiction she submits. She…

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The “real” Andi

Susan K. Marlow is the author of all of Andi’s adventures in the Circle C books. You can visit her Amazon author page, the Circle C website, and her Facebook group.