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  1. Love it! Under the writing section on your blog could you make one about making pen names for people like me who are scared to share their real name with their work? if not that’s fine just an idea.

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  2. Thank you so much for all of these story’s! My horses died earlier this year and it has been pretty hard. “The last ride”
    book has been helping a lot. Thank you!

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  3. I have a question.
    I have the original circle c books, is the special expanded edition long ride home books written with the anniversary chapters or original? If that makes since…

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    1. The expanded edition takes the new Anniversary edition (blue cover) and adds 4,000+ words and all of the point of view switches to the family and even what Felicity and her father are saying when out of Andi’s hearing. Hope that helps.

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  4. Im reading courageous love right now. How does Andi’s journal not get burned in the fire? She hids it behind Taffy’s feed box, right? Also, is Taffy’s old stall, Shasta’s normal stall too?? And when are you thinking the new lap books will come out? Just curious:):):):)

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    1. Well, now that she’s a little bit grownup and not worried that brothers or mean cousins (like Daniel) might peek inside, she keeps it on her bedside table, like a normal person in her own home. 🙂

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  5. from memory creek ranch is there a road that leads to town or do they have to drive to circle c and then to town? Sorry if that makes no sense:)


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      1. Well .. with the free shipping option all year it almost costs more to ship them then they are worth so I took them down. The same thing as with the posters. They cost $4 but it costs $5 to ship them. 😭


  6. Oh yay we didn’t get to go this year which was disappointing because I didn’t get to meet you but I’m excited if you’re going in 2024


  7. Hi,Andi I made some of your mothers best sugar cookies.
    My entire family loved them!
    Thanks for putting the recipe in the back of the book!

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  8. I noticed that the sample tracks on circle c beginnings has the whole book and I was wondering if it was saposed to be like that or if it’s sapposed to be a couple of minutes of the book.


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