Family Tree & Timelines

Need to know when something important happened and you can’t remember or don’t want to flip through the Circle C books? This page is your “go to” resource for the Carter family tree, along with an extensive timeline that covers 1848-1890.

Here is the Carter family tree plus six timelines to keep things orderly in your stories. You can also download them as PDF files and see a quick overview of the characters. 

83 thoughts on “Family Tree & Timelines

    1. Thanks, Caitlyn! There are always snafus when setting up a new site. You have an eagle eye. Keep up the good work. Come to find out, a couple of the other links to other trailers were not working either. All fixed now. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I was Just wondering in the books Lillian’s Middle name is Joy, but on the Family tree it’s Grace Witch one is it Mrs M?


  2. Hey Mrs. M. Just want to make sure but isn’t slavery still going on in the Andi books. I looked it up and slavery was banned in California between 1849 and 1861. But slavery was still going on in other states. Right?


    1. No, not during the Andi books (they take place between 1874-1890). Slavery was demolished via the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Lincoln in January of 1863. When the North won the Civil War, then for sure no slavery (War ended April 1865). The only books that would still be during the Slavery time period is the Goldtown Books. But since California joined the Union as a free state, slavery was banned in California even earlier than the Proclamation.


  3. Quick something I want to asked you Mrs m, where is says on the family tree,the X’s is on Greta, Paul and Ruth why is there not an X on James?


      1. Itโ€™s in the Milestone book, the day before Riley and Andi get married. Actually, I think itโ€™s in a post on your website. Iโ€™ve read it. Andi finds these letters that were written by her family when she was a little girl that were meant to be read by her the day before she gets married.


  4. Greetings!
    Question here! When Will Benton (the gentleman outlaw who kidnapped Andi and Elizabeth in Andi to the Rescue) was taken to jail after being found did Andi take his daughter’s letters with her to read to Mr. Benton in the jail when Elizabeth went to teach him how to read?
    Sorry if I did not word that well, I can try to explain it more if needed.
    Thank you for your time!


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