Family Tree & Timelines

Need to know when something important happened and you can’t remember or don’t want to flip through the Circle C books? This page is your “go to” resource for the Carter family tree, along with an extensive timeline that covers 1848-1890.

Here is the Carter family tree plus six timelines to keep things orderly in your stories. You can also download them as PDF files and see a quick overview of the characters. 

46 thoughts on “Family Tree & Timelines

    1. Thanks, Caitlyn! There are always snafus when setting up a new site. You have an eagle eye. Keep up the good work. Come to find out, a couple of the other links to other trailers were not working either. All fixed now. πŸ™‚


  1. I was Just wondering in the books Lillian’s Middle name is Joy, but on the Family tree it’s Grace Witch one is it Mrs M?


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