Mitchell Carter

Mitch’s real name is Mitchell, but nobody calls him that, not even my mother (which makes me wonder why she won’t call me “Andi” instead of “Andrea,” but some things are not to be questioned, I reckon). Mitch is the youngest of my three older brothers, and he’s just plain fun to be around.

He’s easygoing, and happy to let Chad boss the ranch. But he’s a hard worker. Mitch gets along with everybody–even Chad–but sometimes I think he favors me. If I need somebody to do my chores for me in a pinch, I ask Mitch. He hardly ever says no, and he never bosses me.

Mitch has heaps of friends, and there are plenty of young ladies in town who’d like to be his friend, too. He’s very loyal, which once got him and Chad into a knock-down, drag-out fight. Chad said something bad about someone Mitch admired, and Chad wouldn’t take it back. It worked out all right in the end, and Chad and Mitch shook hands and made up, but it’s something to see when an easygoing fellow gets pushed over the line!

Mitch is tall, blond, and outgoing. His horse Chase is the fastest horse in the valley. He got “Chasing After the Wind” when he was seven, and Chase was three. Chase and Mitch have been chasing after the wind ever since. They are very fast! Here is a story about the time a young Chad took his little brother Mitch on an unexpected adventure that did not end well for Mitch. Read story >>

Mitch was really, really blond as a little boy, but his hair darkened to a sandy blond by the time he was 16. Speaking of age 16 . . .

When Mitch was almost 16 (and I was almost 6), he got this crazy, horribly dangerous idea into his head. Sure, his horse Chase is fast (even faster than Taffy), but Mitch bragged that Chase is faster than even the Iron Horse. (That’s the name for a train in the 1800s). I think he wanted to do something not even big brother Chad had ever done.

Mitch saddled up Chase and headed out to meet the 4:40 train that was due in to Fresno one afternoon. He rode way out, so he could catch it before it reached the railroad crossing. The road crosses the tracks at the crossing, and Mitch said he could beat the train there and cross the tracks before the train did. Nobody told me about the race, since I’m the “baby,” but I’m glad I didn’t know about it. I have three brothers, but even at that, I can’t afford to lose Mitch. If I did, who would take my side during all my arguments with Chad?

But all’s well that ends well. Mitch took his friend Peter with him to back his story up (and maybe drag him out of trouble if it came to that), and Peter said Mitch beat that ol’ Iron Horse by 20 yards, if not more.

Well, 20 yards doesn’t seem like too big of a lead if you ask me. Not when that black, metal beast was traveling at 30 miles an hour! And here I thought that I was the crazy, impulsive one of the family. I wouldn’t try that trick on Taffy . . . not for all the gold in California.

When the family found out, Mother cried. Chad blew his top, and Justin had words with his baby brother. Mitch really caught trouble for that little stunt!

Mitch has suddenly gotten an interest in furthering his education, so he headed off to Berkeley for a year or two. He loves college! He brought home a bunch of Angus heifer calves to raise and see if he can’t improve the herd. It seems that–now that Justin, Chad, Melinda, and even I are married–that Mitch will end up being the only hold out. But keep checking back. If a young lady catches Mitch’s fancy, I’ll sure write about it!

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