Sierra Foothills

Circle C rangeland extends far into the rolling hills of the Sierras. My special spot is not the only important piece of ground up here. We have some hillbilly neighbors, plus a lot of my adventures take place in the foothills.

Just over the boundary of the Circle C live the Hollister clan (and their hillbilly squatter neighbors). This is Spring Creek. It separates our land from theirs.

The sheep on the Hollister land. They are grazing on what used to be Circle C land, before the creek changed its course. The fencing in the background is what’s left of the posts Chad and the Circle C ranch hands put up in the now-dry Spring Creek. But Mr. Hollister tore them down so the sheep could get through. He insists all this good grazing land is now his and says, “God changed the creek.”

The Hollister cabin is not very big to house 11 members of one family. But there is an attic, and that is where the children sleep (under that peaked part of the roof). Their yard is a dumping ground, but nobody seems to care.

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