Calling Cards

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Before we get to the “peek,” you might want to read this post Mrs. M created last year regarding those popular “visiting” or “calling” cards of the 19th century. It includes the story of when Andi went shopping for calling cards. Calling cards >>

In “Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan,” Andi had to present one of her calling cards in order to even be considered a visitor in the fancy Fresno House hotel when she wanted to ask Liberty Flanders to go riding with her. If you haven’t read the story yet, go here. Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan >> (If you are not sure who Jeffrey Sullivan is, he is Melinda’s silly beau in the first Circle C Adventure, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home. He is not in the story, only mentioned as a thorn in Andi’s flesh.)

Here is a brief recap about calling cards: Whether or not to use a calling card depends on the home you are visiting. If they have servants, the butler takes your card and lets the mistress (or master) of the house know you want to visit.

Calling cards go all the way back to ancient Egypt, which shows that it’s not just our generation that thinks up silly ways to act proper. The Egyptians left ceramic tiles as “calling cards” in their temples of worship. It had their names and titles engraved on them. Hmmm . . . I wonder if Father Abraham left a calling tile when he was in Egypt during the famine back in Genesis. Abraham was rich (though not yet famous), and I wonder if he had some made (in case he wanted to call on Pharaoh).

A Peek Behind the Curtain

So, where did Mrs. M get the idea to use calling cards in the story, “Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan”? From watching a Big Valley episode. Nick has the same attitude about calling cards as Andi. Only, Andi complies. Nick doesn’t. You can watch the clip here. I get all my best ideas from this show. Only, I expand and make them my own. I need only a little clip of an idea to start me down the path to a new and exciting Circle C Adventure. Watch this 2-minute clip if you want a laugh.

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24 thoughts on “Calling Cards

  1. That was very funny 🙂 Imagine always having to keep a stack of calling cards from all your friends, or parent’s friends who you may need to use at any moment… I would forget some at some point as well!

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  2. Oh, geez. I can’t imagine having to give someone my calling card whenever I went to their house! What a waste of money and pocket space.

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