Our Favorite Things #15 – Favorite Trip (2)

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April 1890, continued

Remembering and retelling about my most memorable (if not my favorite) trip took most of Sunday afternoon. I was afraid Melinda would not have time to refresh my memory about the birthday trip she took with Aunt Rebecca for Melinda’s sixteenth. (Honestly, I think I had the better deal. Justin? Aunt Rebecca? Justin? Aunt Rebecca? Not a hard choice.)

But Melinda clearly loved her birthday trip. I still remember her words to me the day we received a letter from our aunt, who was busily interfering in our kinfolks’ lives back east (and we found out later, consulting a heart specialist).

“Perhaps Rebecca is writing to persuade Mother to send you back East for a visit. An early birthday gift?” Melinda’s face turned dreamy. “Aunt Rebecca took me to New York for my sixteenth birthday. It was a whirlwind of delight.” (from The Last Ride)

And I remember my reply to my sister’s dreamy expression. My heart sank clear to my toes. “I’d rather go on another cattle drive,” I told her.

15. Melinda’s Favorite Trip

I mean, really! Take a look at that picture above. And I thought San Francisco was crowded. But no, not like New York City. The more Melinda reminisced, the clearer the memory became.

Hands down, my sister’s favorite trip was her birthday trip to New York City. A six-day railway trip on the Transcontinental Railroad does sound exciting. Melinda raved about the majestic Sierra range and then the Rocky Mountains. She couldn’t believe her eyes at the herds and herds of antelope and “There is a lake in the middle of nowhere that is salty, Andi. Imagine a great Salt Lake!”

Oh, I could imagine it, all right. I’ll stick to tasting salt in the Pacific Ocean. That is strange enough.

I have to admit that seeing all of those sights while traveling at 25-30 miles per hour might take my breath away. It sure took Melinda’s breath away.

Sierra Nevada
Rocky Mountains

Melinda spent a whole week in New York City, whereas I only had a weekend with Justin in San Francisco. So Melinda saw and did many more things than I. Which is fine by me. Paris-designed frocks (these look like they could squeeze the life out of someone). She came home with the purple frock and the pale green one. If I had to choose, I’d pick the sailor dress. I like the blue-velvet ribbons. “That’s what I thought you’d say,” Melinda replied when she asked me which one I liked best from the picture in the Youth’s Companion magazine. She pulled it out of a box and handed it to me. “Aunt Rebecca bought this dress for you.” Melinda was all smiles. It fit me (a young girl’s design without the crimped, squeezed corset-induced waistline) since when Melinda went to New York City I was still only eleven years old. I did like that outfit through.

Can you guess which frock Melinda liked best?

The one place Melinda and Aunt Rebecca visited that I wished I was able to see was the American Museum of Natural History. A museum! Melinda told me about exhibits I had only read about in books. It sounded as exciting to visit as a trip to a zoo. I’ve never been to either. But she saw mummies from Egypt and old bones and ever so many interesting artifacts.

American Museum of Natural History

She also attended the Philharmonic symphony (I’m glad Justin too me to the theater instead to see a stage play). Plus she rode the trolley cars and went on long walks in Central Park.

By the time Melinda finished recounting her favorite trip, the twins were awake and howling for something to eat. All in all, we had a lovely afternoon. Hmmm, maybe someday we can take Jared and the girls to New York City . . . just to see the museum!

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  1. I definitely agree with Andi. Taking a trip to San Francisco with Justin seems like a lot more fun than going to New York City with Aunt Rebecca! If I had the choice I would probably chose San Francisco.

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