Alphabet Game #1

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First, annual contest winners update. The judges have until this Friday (May 5th) to submit their winners to me. I will look them over and then post the names next Monday, May 8th. Now, on to this Just for Fun post.

So, I thought I would introduce a new game idea. I saw it on one of my Facebook groups (this group is for grownups, and they seemed to enjoy the game), so I thought you might like it too. If it ends up being a “dud,” well . . . then this will be the first and last time I post it. LOL

This is a game where commenting in order counts. Starting with A in the comments, each person lists the next letter of the alphabet and a word or phrase that describes the character highlighted in the post that begins with that letter. You may not choose just any letter. Please go in order of the alphabet. If somebody uses the letter you wanted, sorry, but you may not use the same letter twice. (This is where the challenge comes in.)

For example, say I wanted to play the alphabet game using Jesus. This is how it might look. One person would start with “A.” The next commenter would think of something to go with “B,” and so on all the way to “Z.” It can be one word, two words, or an entire phrase or sentence.

  • A – adored by angels
  • B – bought our salvation with his blood
  • C – created the heavens and the earth
  • D – deserves all of our devotion
  • etc. all the way to Z!

This first Alphabet Game highlights the lead character of the Circle C series, Andrea Carter. As you can see in the comments, I started us off with “A.” Let’s see if we get all the way to “Z.”

Note: Each person can comment only one time (in order to give others a chance). However, after we hit “L,” you may comment a second time, beginning with “M,” especially if we don’t get 26 separate commenters.

If you think this would be a fun, once-a-month game to play, you may include your thoughts in the same comment that you list your letter and the description. Or you can contact me with your ideas of the next character we should play the alphabet game with.

Let’s have some fun!

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

85 thoughts on “Alphabet Game #1

  1. B: Bold

    I also think this would be fun to do with Riley and some of the other Carter siblings (and their spouses!)
    ~Anna Elizabeth

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      1. I think what happened is that everybody commented on “B” at the same time, so they all posted together. I’ll let them all ride this time. After all, this is the first time we’ve done it so it’s bound to have a few kink at the start.

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    1. “E” has already been posted, right after “D.” Can you do “J” instead for us? Let’s keep the alphabet letters in order if we can. (I’m still working the bugs out in this game.)

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