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These Circle C audio short stories, recorded by Mrs. M, are ready to either listen online or download to your device. The first stories are taken from Tales from the Circle C Ranch. Check back for more. To enjoy the full-length Circle C novels as Audio Books click the button.

Tales from the Circle C Ranch

I chose several fun stories to record myself from Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch. You can buy the book on Amazon >>

Andi encountered Prince Loco in Long Ride Home. What happens with that untamable wild stallion after Long Ride Home ends?

Prince Loco, Chad’s Crazy Horse

Cory gives Andi a snake at the end of Dangerous Decision. It ends with Andi thinking, What am I going to do about Cory’s snake? Here is the answer.

Snakes Alive!

Andi is eight years old and Aunt Rebecca has come for another of her visits, bearing unwelcome gifts, this time oversized hats for the Andi and Melinda.

Aunt Rebecca and the Hat

Dangerous Decision opens with a rematch race between Cory and Andi. But what about that first race on the Fourth of July? Here’s the answer.

Hurrah for the Fourth of July!

After Trouble with Treasure, Jenny goes home. But Andi is soon invited to spend time with Jenny in Tacoma . . . near all that water. Will she go?

Where the Trees Meet the Bay

Mother’s birthday is coming up fast. Andi wants to buy her a special gift, but that’s hard to do when you only have one dime and two pennies.

The Best Gift of All

In Dangerous Decision, Justin wouldn’t tell Andi the whole story about “entertaining” Freddy Stone. Once Kate returns, he changes his mind and tells all.

A Matter of Honor

When Riley offers five-year-old Andi his old overalls, she must do some fast talking to convince Mother and Father that this getup is much better.

Britches Are Not for Little Girls

At the end of Dangerous Decision, Andi offers to give Virginia horseback riding lessons. All too soon, Andi wonders what she has gotten herself into.

Coming soon

There’s more!

Once the Tales stories are finished, I hope to record the newest Andi short stories. Here’s a list. Which do you want me to complete first? Comment and let your wishes be known.

  • Andi’s Tarantula Trouble
  • Andi’s Orphan Calf
  • A Bicycle for Andi
  • Chad and the Lost Mine

19 thoughts on “Audio Stories

  1. Would it help if you had someone else from the blog do it? I’m sure there are plenty of Andi fans, myself included, who would be willing to read them for you. Or would you prefer to read them yourself?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure what you mean. You mean create the audio stories by reading them? How would you do that, exactly? I record using the Audacity software. I don’t think you understand all that is involved to create an audio book. The reading is the easy part. That doesn’t take very long–only the time it takes to read the story, actually.

      What takes forever is the editing with the audio software. Every little background noise must be silenced. Every catch of breath, and any other mistakes must be re-read and fixed. It takes hours (compared to how long the reading takes). In fact, I have already recorded Virginia’s Riding Lesson but I haven’t found the time to do the editing because once again, it is a long story.

      Hope that helps explain it. 😊

      Also, it’s much harder to narrate the stories here in CA as opposed to WA. It’s quiet in WA. Here there are goats bleating in the background, kids knocking on the RV door for school help, the LOUD furnace going on every half hour or so, the tractor. It’s crazy. LOL As the weather warms, I can sneak in audio narrating. Did you get the Andi’s Orphan Calf? It’s a prize for anyone who enters the Scavenger Hunt, whether you win or not.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s very long so it will not be for some time before I can carve out time to do that. It takes hours to narrate and then edit.
      I did Andi’s Orphan Calf, but it was only available as a special giveaway to those who entered the Scavenger Hunt last month.

      Liked by 1 person

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