Beginnings Covers

Leslie Gammelgaard designed the covers for all six Circle C Beginnings books plus created sixty illustrations (ten for each book). You can download all of the illustrations for the Circle C Beginnings. Enjoy seeing the journey from first sketch to final cover. Download the interior illustrations here >>

Andi’s Pony Trouble

Leslie created a sweet sketch but when she sent me the colored version I saw that Andi had brown eyes. Yes, the Adventures covers did have Andi with brown eyes but the text clearly states her eyes are blue. Perhaps I should have gone with brown, but I think dark (black) hair and blue eyes are an awesome combination. And for sure, my Andi would not be blond. So tired of blond and blue (I can speak for myself and my Swedish/German family).

Andi’s Indian Summer

Here is the painted cover, plus the bonus sketch and painting Leslie created for my own personal use. I suggested my publisher, Kregel, use the cute Andi and Taffy on the back of each cover, which they did.

Andi’s Fair Surprise

I asked a friend who owned sheep if she would snap a picture of her daughter and a lamb so Leslie would have an idea of the proportions and anything else that might help her draw Andi and her lamb.

Andi’s Scary School Days

Leslie outdid herself in the details for this fourth book in the series. Even writing the date on the blackboard in the background.

Andi’s Lonely Little Foal
Andi’s Circle C Christmas

I don’t have the initial sketch for Lonely Little Foal, and these last two book covers are pretty straight-forward without a lot of interesting backstory.

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