Here We Go Again!

The “big” dairy goats are dropping their kids in between flooding rain, thunder, and all manner of horrific weather. It was a cloudy but rain-free day today. Do goats know these things? The herd queen, Velvet (100% Toggenburg) for the first time ever (this is her fourth kidding) dropped triplets. Terrible ordeal. Head only, hangingContinue reading “Here We Go Again!”

River Rafting in a Flash Flood

I had to share the latest with the Ross Ranch. We are drowning here in “Andi” country, which makes Family Secret, where Andi nearly drowns in a flooding creek, so real! It could happen just the way I imagined and wrote it. Very scary, those real creeks. Some of them are overflowing even the roadsContinue reading “River Rafting in a Flash Flood”

Baby Goats Round Three (& Four)

Part Two I’m adding Mango’s kids to this post from yesterday instead of creating a new post. MANGO kidded this afternoon, and of COURSE Ellie was not there again (and Mango is her goat). Ellie was in town taking her GED test, but her mother and I successfully delivered triplets. (Okay, so that is 13Continue reading “Baby Goats Round Three (& Four)”