A Day in My Life at Fort Laramie

See more Riley’s Ramblings in Andi’s Attic >> April 1878, Fort Laramie, Wyoming Life at Fort Laramie has not been quite the same since last October, when Aunt Sophie died. For a couple of months, Mama helped Uncle Joseph with Baby Sarah. There were no recent new mothers in town, at least none who willing toContinue reading “A Day in My Life at Fort Laramie”

Riley: Horse Boy

See more Riley’s Ramblings in Andi’s Attic >> This post digs into Riley’s brief mention of his past in Courageous Love, where he is given charge of the Army’s cavalry horses. September 1877, Fort Laramie, Wyoming The most exciting, stupendous thing has happened to me! I’ve been at Fort Laramie for only three months, and today,Continue reading “Riley: Horse Boy”

The Indian Wars

See more Riley’s Ramblings in Andi’s Attic >> July 1877, Fort Laramie, Wyoming My new friend, Randy, is a fountain of information about anything war or Indian related. His pa, First Sergeant Ralph McGuire, no doubt relates every bloody detail about any of his father’s encounters with the “enemy,” as Randy calls them. I can’t helpContinue reading “The Indian Wars”