Contest FAQs

Before asking me a question about the contest that is not covered in the Official Contest Rules >> please take a look at these FAQs (frequently asked questions). The answer to your question may be hiding just below!

1. May I enter a story I have already written for a guest post here on Andi’s blog? 
No, sorry, but each entry in the contest must be an original story that has never been published on the blog.

2. Can I make up new characters?
Yes! Just so long as you include some of the Circle C characters to interact with your new characters.

3. What if my birthday falls during the months of the contest and I end up in a different age category?
No worries. You can choose to stay in the younger category or go up to the older category. I’m flexible with these things.

4. Can we mix and match characters from all of the series into one story?
Yes, you may use characters from any of the CCAdventures, CCBeginnings, Circle C Milestones, and Goldtown books and put them all into one story. Older writers can write about the CCB and younger writers can write about the older series. It’s wide open.

5. Is it okay to write about something Andi remembers in the books, like the time Mitch brought her a rattlesnake’s rattle?
Of course! You may take any “flashbacks” Andi remembers from any of the books and expand them into a new story.

6. What about minor characters? Can I write a whole new story about them?
You bet!

7. May I write a story about when Andi’s brothers were little?
Well, sure! Have fun with that. I did it with Chad, when he went with his father to Goldtown, in Tunnel of Gold. I also wrote “A Matter of Honor” short story for the Tales from the Circle C Ranch book. It was a lot of fun to make up stories of when Andi’s siblings were little. 

8. May I type a story for a younger sibling?
Yes. Here is how it works. If your sibling is ages 6-9, she or he may narrate the story to you, and you can type it just as they tell you. If your sibling is ages 10-13 and they have a hard time keyboarding, you may type their story to submit, as long as they have written the story longhand first.

9. What if I go over the word count?
I suggest you go back and edit out as many unnecessary words as you can. You will not be disqualified if you are 25 to 50 words words over, but any more than that and I may send it back and ask you to reduce the word count. This is for consideration for our judges.

10. May Canadians (and other writers outside the U.S.) enter the contest? 
Yes, but if you win, your prizes are limited to what I can send electronically.

11. Can my sister and I write a story together? 
Yes. But realize that the prize goes for the “story,” not for the number of authors. One winning story = one winning prize, which you will have to split between you somehow. And . . . the story must be submitted to the category of the older sibling.

12. Would it be okay if I illustrate my story?
You may, but it won’t affect the judging in any way. If the resolution is high enough, it may find its way into the final book if you win.  

13. Is there an Entry Form to fill out?
There are no physical entry forms this year. All stories and writer’s information must be submitted as laid out in the Official Rules >>

14. Can I make Andi older?
Yes. Andi (or any of the CCAdventures and Goldtown characters) can be any age you want.

15. Will every story entered be posted on Andi’s blog? 
No. The winning stories are compiled into a print book (and a Kindle edition) and will be available from Amazon at a very reasonable price. Writers whose entries did not place can request that I post their stories on the Fan Fiction blog >>

16. If I don’t win, can I still buy a copy of the winning stories?
Yes. The contest book of winning stories will be available from Amazon as both a print book and a Kindle edition.

17. If I enter two stories, do I need a different entry form for each one?
You will need to include the same information on both submissions, since they will be separate entries.  

18. If I’m 12, but want to write a longer story, could I enter in the 14-17 age group? Yes, but understand that your story will be in competition with much older contestants.

19. Are my parents allowed to listen to my story and comment on it, or would that be considered cheating? Your parents may listen and give input, but you must make the actual changes.

20. How do I get an entry form? No separate entry form is needed for the 2023 contest. Your name, email, age, and story title will be included on your story entry.

21. Can you write in first person or in present tense? Yes, all points of view and verb tenses are allowed. Just don’t mix them up in the same story.

22. May someone edit my story for spelling and punctuation? Sure, that saves me having to do it if you place!

23. May we know which judges will be judging which age categories? No, that’s between the judges and myself. This protects the judges from being contacted during the judging window. Thank you for keeping their privacy.

19 thoughts on “Contest FAQs

  1. The pages you updated with the new look don’t have the comments they had…are you goanna add them or we’ll have to recomment


    1. Almost all of the hundreds of fan fiction stories were already on the Blogger site (so those comments are still there). Only the contest winners and contest entries since last year (2020) were moved over to their new pages. Maybe two dozen in all. I’m sure many will comment, and you are welcome to comment again if you want. But that’s a good idea. I could go through and just comment in my name with the original commentor mentioned, just to keep them there.


  2. Hi! Could I write a story about Andi being a grandmother, but the main character is her granddaughter?


      1. I was just thinking ahead for the next contest. Do you plan on having a contest for 2023? Thank you for your time!


      2. I just finished the 2023 contest. No, there will not be a 2024 “annual” i.e. “big” contest this next year. However, I will host four seasonal contests (Fall, Winter, Spring Summer) this year and next. The Annual Contest has become too complicated for me to host. I’ve done it for ten years. Time for me to move on to smaller, easier to handle and judge, mini writing contests instead.


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