Fresno and the Valley

Check out these fun and interesting settings of the town of Fresno, some of the valley sites, and the town of Livingston Flats and the Lazy L ranch.


Lots of pictures (plus a map) of the town of Fresno around 1880, the setting of the Circle C Adventures. See Goodwin’s Mercantile and Jack and a friend out on delivers. The school is there too. You can also see pictures of what the real Fresno looked like after the flood from San Francisco Smugglers. Yes, Fresno was flooded often, almost every year! Check out the picture of the tenement where Megan Decker and her brother lived during the setting of Price of Truth. Plus pictures from Thick as Thieves (the saloon) and Courageous Love (Fresno House). Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Livingston Flats and the Lazy L

In Long Ride Home, Andi and the Garduno family arrive in the valley town of Livingston Flats. Andi and Rosa look for Taffy at March’s Livery, and they end up working at the Lazy L, a beautiful ranch not too far from the town. The yards and yards of white fencing made Andi hesitate to jump when she and Taffy galloped away from the ranch. They did not get far. Also pictured is the rough, old shed where Felicity Livingston stashes Andi to force her to sign over Taffy. How would you fare for two days and two nights in this dark, creepy place with a dirt floor?

The Valley

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  1. doesn’t Fresno have like… diferent ‘districts’ or something? What’s the part with the chinese….?
    I’m sorry, this probably doesn’t make sense 😀 lol


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