Click the digital jigsaw puzzle you would like to put together. The link takes you to that puzzle on Jigsaw Planet. Enjoy! If you don’t see a puzzle you would like to play, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

New Puzzles
Older Puzzles

39 thoughts on “Puzzles

    1. I can maybe get a picture of Susie doing that (if my DD’s barn isn’t out of hay yet) when we go down to California at the end of October. PhotoShopping the Dime Novel is the easy part. LOL Great idea! The problem will be remembering to set up the photo shoot!


  1. Could you do more puzzles with the young Carter brothers? Maybe one with Lillian and Charlotte too.


    1. I could do a young Carter brothers puzzle. I have the photos. But I’ll have to find some time. Good idea.
      I don’t know about the babies. Maybe if I think of them as “getting older” I could find something.


  2. Can you do a puzzle with Mitch’s horse Chase?
    Maybe one with the whole Prescott family. Riley, Andi, Jared, Lilly and Lottie.


  3. I saw you took down the other one of the twins when they were older. Did you just change it out for the other one when they’re older?
    I’m glad I got to do it before you took it down!
    I love all the new puzzles! 😍😍


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