San Francisco and More

San Francisco is far from Andi’s favorite setting. However, she visits more than once. Here are some of the highlights of Andi’s stay in San Francisco during a scarlet fever epidemic (Andi Far from Home) and when a flood sends her to a girls’ school (San Francisco Smugglers). Pictures of San Francisco’s Chinatown are also included. Andi has never been to New York City (and does not care to go), but Cousin Daniel has plenty to say about his hometown. Those pictures are here (The Last Ride). Plus a few pictures from Sacramento, the setting of the California state fair (Andi’s Fair Surprise).

San Francisco

Andi’s First Visit

Andi stayed with Aunt Rebecca to escape a scarlet fever epidemic. She, Melinda, and their aunt visited the cliff house and the seashore one Sunday afternoon. You can see why it is called the “cliff house.” It is built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Most of the people in Chinatown were decent, hard-working people with families seeking a better life in the Gold Mountain (Gum Sham), but there was a dark underside. Here a few pictures of the streets of Chinatown as Andi and Jenny would have seen them. Click a picture to enlarge to see the details.

New York City

Daniel delighted in boasting about his home town of New York City. Here are pictures of some of the sights he saw daily and told Andi about on their buggy ride to town.


Sacramento is the capital of California and the setting for the state fair. Andi visits Sacramento more than once, first off in Andi’s Fair Surprise and then in “Andi’s Christmas Ball” (posting December 2021). The Carter family also attends the state fair in August 1880, where Prince Loco, from the short story, “Prince Loco, Chad’s Crazy Horse,” wins the purse against the governor’s fancy racehorse. You can see more pictures of Sacramento on the Goldtown Settings tab >>

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