Sierra High Country

Once you leave the Sierra foothills, the mountains soar overhead. Andi’s adventures in Trouble with Treasure and Courageous Love are set in the Sierra high country. Two stories from Yosemite at Last: And Other Tales from Memory Creek Ranch, as well as a story from Stranger in the Glade: And More Tales from Memory Creek Ranch are also set in the high country. Enjoy the visual trip!

Trouble with Treasure

Stranded in the high Sierra with a seriously injured brother is not Andi’s idea of a two-week “camping” trip. So many things can (and do) go wrong. Here’s a peek at the setting for this adventure.

Courageous Love

Procopio the Redhanded and his cohorts whisk Andi, Lucy, and baby Sammy to his hidden “robbers’ roost” in the uncharted high county of the Sierra. You can tell by this pictures this is wild country, and very dangerous to roam on your own. It’s no wonder a posse has never found this outlaw band’s secret hideout..

Yosemite at Last

“A Very Special Spot” and “Stranger in the Glade” are both set in this secret spot near the banded cliffs. They reach this small glade of only a few square acres by going through a maze and then through a narrow, rocky tunnel that comes out in this pretty place.


High Country Adventure

Riley and I spend a most unusual honeymoon in Yosemite. In addition to being the victims of a stagecoach holdup on our way there, we are also caught in a freak summer thunderstorm. The trail is washed away and so is our sense of direction. Warning: Do not get turned around in the Yosemite wilderness. You might not make it out alive. Can you guess what happens by looking at the pictures of our trip?

Winter Ice for Summer

“Winter Ice for Summer” is a brand-new story in the upcoming Milestones book 6 collection, Stranger in the Glade. The setting? A high-country lake in the Yosemite Valley in January 1889. But harvesting ice gives everybody an icehouse full of ice for summer lemonade. All goes well . . . so long as nobody falls into Mirror Lake.

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