Our Favorite Things #6 – Horseback Destinations

November 1889

Give me a horse and a free day and you can probably guess where I will be. Give Melinda a horse and a free day and . . . well, read on and discover our favorite destinations. You can read other favorites in Andi’s Attic >>

4. Our Favorite Horseback Destinations

Mother never liked me riding into town alone when I was young and living on the Circle C, but that’s fine with me. There is very little in town that attracts my attention. I would much rather ride Taffy to my special spot up in the high pasture near the creek (which Riley and I named Memory Creek. It had no name before then). In springtime, the creek is rushing and gurgling. By October, though, it’s just a trickle, even though it is fed by a (supposedly) year-round spring farther up the creek. Then in November, winter rainstorms flood the creek over its banks. Oak trees line the banks and always give Taffy and me shade. In the spring, rainbow trout almost jump out of the water and onto my hook. It’s also always been a great place to just lie in the shade and think.

The best thing my family ever did was give me 1,000 acres for Riley and my wedding present. The 1,000 acres include my special spot, plenty of oaks, and Chad admits it’s some of the best land on the ranch. I love living in my own little home on my childhood special spot. It was my favorite horseback riding destination, and now it’s my home!

Melinda used to ride up with me to my special spot, but her favorite horseback (or buggy) destination is . . . wouldn’t you know it? Town. Yes, that’s right. Dusty, noisy Fresno. She likes to watch the train come in and can’t wait to collect the mail at the post office. The mail. Sometimes we go for the mail together, and Melinda gets sidetracked at the milliner’s (hat) shop. *sigh*

Melinda now makes her home in Fresno, so her favorite horseback destination has become her home too. We both smile when we remember this “favorite thing,” since we both now live on our favorite places.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

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