Christmas Surprise

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This was so hard, so I asked my faithful author, friend, and judge to give me a hand with choosing the winners. Thank you, Colleen Reece >> After seeing the winners, scroll down for a gift for all of you!

And the winners are . . .
  • First Place (book and socks) – Fallyn Christie. I think that the most meaningful gift that Andi could receive would be a lost letter from her father. A letter from her father would be meaningful because she would have something that he wrote just to her. (Note from Mrs. M. After Fallyn discovered she had won, she sent me this letter Father wrote to Andi. Thanks, Fallyn. It’s very sweet!)
  • Second Place (book) – Susannah Shutt. The best gift I could give Mother is obedience. She asked me to stay with Aunt Rebecca over Christmas since she couldn’t come to Fresno. I didn’t want to, but I decided that my gift to her and Auntie would be to obey happily. I think Jesus is happy too.
  • Tie for Second PlaceArabella Waugh.

If I could have her back,
Just one more time,
One more day,
If I could hear her tender, delicate neigh,
If I could stroke her flowing, silvery mane,
If I could once more hug her,
Embrace her golden neck,
This gift would surpass any other . . . Oh Taffy, my horse.

A Christmas Surprise for the Rest of You

For all of you who entered the Circle C Christmas Collection giveaway but did not win the book (and socks), Andi (and Mrs. M) would like to give you the four Christmas stories to enjoy. Not as a fun print book (sorry) but as the next-best thing. You can read them digitally right here on Andi’s blog. A little Christmas gift for you. Click the images to read the stories (two are brand-new; two are republished).

If you prefer, contact Mrs. M >> and request the MOBI file to slide onto your Kindle app for any device. Otherwise, keep scrolling and clicking the images to read the stories.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

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