Narrator Visit: Annette Romano

I always wanted my Circle C series to be available as audio books. It would be fun to listen to them when traveling or walking. Now, all four Circle C series (and two Goldtown) are audio. The youngest series, Circle C Beginnings, was my experiment on Audible. I had no idea what I was doing,Continue reading “Narrator Visit: Annette Romano”

Writers Workbook Winners

The Winners! Three winners! One winner receives a print copy of Writers Roundup (or Writers Gold Mine). The two runners up each receive a digital ebook of either book. How fun is that? There were 73 entries with 652 entries. Here are the random winners (they have 24 hours to claim their prizes). A PerfectContinue reading “Writers Workbook Winners”

300 Followers Giveaway Winner

Yee-haw! Congratulations to these three winners of the giveaway (and what they chose). Each winner has been notified, so if you are one of the winners listed below, check your email because you only have 24 hours to reply with your mailing address. after that, I will choose a different winner (or winners). After IContinue reading “300 Followers Giveaway Winner”

Goldtown Christmas Basket Winner

Congratulations to Anna Parks, the winner of the Goldtown Christmas basket. Enjoy your prize! There were 186 entries and 1,422 “bonus” entries. Please respond to the email I sent you by 5pm Wednesday, December 7, or the King Sumo app will choose a new random winner. Thanks for playing, everyone! Don’t forget! The 300 FollowersContinue reading “Goldtown Christmas Basket Winner”

Circle C Christmas Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Amy B., the random winner of the Circle C Christmas Gift Basket. I hope you enjoy it. I will send your prize out on Monday. Don’t forget that you still have a couple of days left to enter the Goldtown Christmas Basket >> The SAVE15 coupon code, which gives you 15% off onContinue reading “Circle C Christmas Giveaway Winner”

2023 Circle C Writing Contest

It’s a month early, but I thought you might want to get a little head start over the holidays. You may not submit your story until the contest officially opens on January 2, 2023, but you can read the rules, see the prizes, and learn about your judges starting today! Read everything you need toContinue reading “2023 Circle C Writing Contest”

2023 Cover Image Voting

Under a Painted Sky: 2023 Contest Winners Under a Painted Sky is the official title, scoring over twice as many votes as the second title, Chasing the Wind. Since about 100 people voted, the percent value also corresponds to the number of votes each title received. We were in no danger of a tie. PaintedContinue reading “2023 Cover Image Voting”