Childhood Friends – Marry?

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Back in 2013, a fan mentioned that she couldn’t “see” Andi and Cory ever getting together (as in getting married). She told me she liked them better as friends. I liked them better as friends too, so Andi and Riley married instead. However, they too were childhood friends (in the Circle C Beginnings). Riley left when he was about ten years old and did not come back into Andi’s life until eight years later, when he was going on nineteen years old. The two eventually married. So, is that a little farfetched and unbelievable? Childhood friends parting, meeting again ten years later, and then marrying? Sure it is!

A True Tale

My son Andrew always loved Melinda Jane (you can see where I get the names for my characters). When they were young children in my once-a-week homeschool co-op at my house, Andrew was always trying to be next to Jane and hold her hand. Jane, on the other hand, mostly liked to beat Andrew up during break time out in the backyard. She could do it too, as she was an “Andi” kind of a girl and very lively.

Here are four of the eight children in my little homeschool group (I cropped the photo). Andrew, as usual, is trying to hold Jane’s hand, and she is shoving it behind her back. He is holding the other cropped child’s hand only so he could “get away with” holding Jane’s, so he told me as an adult. Note: Jessica (“Andi” on the covers of the CCA books) is standing right behind Jane. She is 8 years old, and Andrew and Jane are 6 years old.

When Andrew and Melinda Jane were ten years old, she and her family moved across the state and the two children lost contact with each other. Another ten years went by. Andrew attended university, which was about an hour and half from Jane’s college up north. But they did not reconnect until as a family we all went to Jane’s older sister’s wedding one fall. There, Andrew and Jane reconnected after ten years. One year later, they were married (2010).

So, I guess it’s not that farfetched that childhood friends can marry . . . especially if God has set them apart from their youth for this purpose. Ten years later, Andrew and Jane are both captains in the USAF. Jane flies C-130Js, and Andrew is in Cyber Security. They have lived in Germany and Japan and are having the time of their lives.

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