A Tribute to Wyatt

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A year or so ago, Ellie had some hard news. Her horse Wyatt passed away. I suggested she write about Wyatt and that might help with healing, and I would post it on the blog. When I moved Andi’s blog over to the new format, I asked Ellie if she wanted this post moved over (so it would not be deleted), and she said, “yes, please.” So, being re-posted will save it in the Archives. If you have never read it, it is a beautiful tribute to a good friend. 

Prologue (the reason for Wyatt’s passing)
Wyatt had to be put down today because he had a continuing problem with his legs. He kept getting hurt, and two days ago he REALLY got hurt in his back leg. We got the vet out yesterday, and she said it was best if he was put down. She could have helped him with antibiotics and Bute. But another abscess would follow this one, and on and on. Wyatt was also very old, mid-to late twenties. So, we made the hard decision for him to be put down humanely. This morning he was shot and now lies buried in our pasture (named the “Wyatt Pasture.”) I know it was the right thing to do because he was in so much pain. I said “goodbye” to him before the person came over, and Wyatt was crying a little from all the pain his leg gave him. I told him he would not feel any pain any longer.                                                                               

A Tribute to Wyatt

We will miss you, Wyatt. We will miss your funny personality and your cute disposition. I know I will never see you ever again, but you will always be in my heart. I was trying to think of what you have taught me. I was thinking for a long time, and I finally figured it out.

You taught me to be relaxed when I ride. I remember when I was riding you one day. I was so frustrated that I wanted to blow up! You would NOT go forward. You put on your brakes and wouldn’t budge. Grandma was with me, and she tried to guide me through it, but you would not walk forward. 

Right then and there I did not notice that I was not being quiet with my hands, and I was very stiff in my seat. So I kept kicking and complaining. The next time I rode you, Wyatt, I saw that you were just as nervous as me. You didn’t want to be tacked up, and you didn’t want me to pick your feet. I got irritated and angry. You sensed it and mimicked what I did, so it was a nasty ride . . . until I finally recognized that horses DO mimic people’s feelings. Right then I relaxed my hands, let the reins loose, loosened my back, sat back a little, and tried to enjoy the ride. I have to say that THAT was my best ride.

And one of our last . . .You also taught me how to handle difficult horses, because sometimes you were VERY difficult. You have bucked, bolted, and reared with me and my brother countless times, but I still got back on. I tried to work you through those awful problems, but you still kept doing them. But I did not give up, and I did not give you your own way. And after a few months you slowly stopped them! I was SO proud, and I am still proud right now.

And that was the amazing thing to me. I was tired of riding lazy horses (like Lacey, to be exact), and you were a breath of fresh air! I loved the thrill of galloping bareback on the roads and having the wind whip through my face. That was amazing, and truly thrilling. I still miss that you will never nod your head for treats again, and you will never again bloat the best you could whenever I cinched you up. You will never try to eat the hose when you were drinking from it. And I will never gallop you bareback ever again, and that’s what really hurts.

I will never ever see you again, but I thank you for the fun times we had together. You taught me so much, and I just want to say, “Thank you.”

Goodbye, my sweet friend.

Ellianna Ross

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

13 thoughts on “A Tribute to Wyatt

  1. Almost made me cry! So sweet! Applies to me and my horses to, I will never see them again but I’m thankful for the time God gave me with them.

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  2. I’m sure I read this before, but it is a lot more emotional to read it now, so soon after my first lesson horse had to be put down. Thank you, Ellie, for writing this and allowing us to read it. And thank you for re-posting it, Mrs. M.

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  3. Wow, that almost made me cry. Loosing a horse is so sad. Because right then you also loose your best friend. 😦 Thank you Ellie for writing about your sweet and beautiful horse and thank you Mrs. M for posting it again.

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  4. Thank you Ellie for writing this and thank you Mrs. M for reposting this. Ellie, I’m sure he had the best life you could possibly give him and you made the right choice in putting him down. It’s a very hard decision to make, I’m proud of you! What a great tribute, but still so sad. 😢

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  5. Thank you so much for writing about that story, Ellie!! That sounds so terrible, and I could not imagine if I lost my own horse. Your story almost made me cry, and just to let you know Wyatt is a beautiful horse!!

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