Icons of the West

Guest Blogger Allie Lynn Allie Lynn is a passionate and talented writer who first and foremost desires to honor God with her writing. She has been passionate about “all things horses” from a very young age, which greatly influences her work. Her desire is to produce equine-based fiction that is inspiring and entertaining without compromisingContinue reading “Icons of the West”

Coming Soon – The Colt’s Name

I received 165 name suggestions! It took the family all evening to come up with which name they liked best out of a “short list” of possibilities from the two-page list I printed out for them. They started narrowing the names down yesterday, but I kept adding new names as they came in. They haveContinue reading “Coming Soon – The Colt’s Name”

Name Scarlett’s New Colt

This contest has ended. Stay tuned for the winner and the colt’s new name! Note: This is a time-sensitive contest (5 days). My daughter is anxious to name and register the big guy. So this naming contest runs from Thursday, March 30 and closes Monday, April 3, @ 5pm Pacific Time. Winner announced on Wednesday,Continue reading “Name Scarlett’s New Colt”

“Taffy” Filly Color Guessing Winner

There were four color possibilities for Jewels’s foal, if you remember. See post >> Six entries guessed “palomino,” the smaller of the odds, and they guessed correctly! JASMINE is the winner (since I have only one prize to award). She has 48 hours to reply to my email and then I’ll move on to theContinue reading ““Taffy” Filly Color Guessing Winner”