A New Andi Story

Anna Parks, a winner of the 2021 annual Circle C story-writing contest, asked if I would post her six-part fan fiction story. It was way too long for the fan fiction page, but after reading it, I decided to put it up as an Andi story on the stories page. Another contest winner, Ellen Senechal, also has a very long story up there, “The Return of the Outlaws.”

This story’s title is “Higher Than Our Ways” and explores each of the Carter children’s reaction to their father’s sudden death in 1874. Then the story goes full circle at the end. I think you guys will really enjoy it. You can find it on the Stories Tab >> or click the graphic below to go directly to the story.

And yes, I already know the featured photo at the top of this post says “Higher Than Our Ways.” I changed the title (with Anna’s permission), but go ahead and vote for which you think flows better. I can change the official title on the story back to what it was when I originally received the story and created the graphic.

Also, sorry this is so late. I wondered why this post had not appeared as scheduled (5AM) and come to find out I had clicked the 5 PM instead. Whoops. All is well now.)

I also just realized that I did not engage the “comments” on any of the stories! Whoops again. I am working through each story on that site and clicked “allow comments.” Sorry about that!

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

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