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Since more than one person is confused about how you leave an email (without actually leaving it in the comments for the world to see), here is the quick lesson. This is mainly for those who don’t have a Word Press account. I have set up my comments so anybody can comment (you don’t have to have any accounts for anything).

Why include an email?

You don’t need to include your email if you are just commenting for fun on a post. However, if your comment is an entry to a giveaway like Guess the Date (and later Name the Foal), you must include an email. Otherwise, I have no way of notifying you if you are the winner. I do not notify winners by replying to their comments. Nor do I rely on my announcing the winner in the actual body of the post.

It’s easy

Look at the box below. This is what pops up when you write your comment (“This is a test.”) Note: this is for those who do not have a WP account. There is a box (circled in red) for your email address. Notice that it says, “Address ever made public.” It is just for me to see behind the scenes. There is also a place for your name (optional) and website (optional).

Please fill in the email box on giveaway entries. If you do not, your entry will be disqualified. Without an email, I won’t be able to notify you if you win.

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