Back-to-School Giveaway Has Ended

Congratulations to AmyBethB, the winner out of over 2,000 bonus entries and 230 individual contestants. Amy has been emailed and has 48 hours to claim her prize.
For those who did not win, check your email. Everyone who entered the giveaway is entitled to an amazing coupon code for 20% off anything in the Circle C Store. Somebody just used it and only paid $46.40 for the $58.00 Circle C Milestones set. (Think how cheap you could get the Fan Fun Extra books).
Better hurry and check your emails! Coupon code is only good through next Friday, September 16.

Andi Carter never feels much joy going back to school any year, and she’s mighty glad that she’s now married and living so far from town on Memory Creek ranch, so that no one can make her (and Riley never would!) go back to teach or anything else. “It’s not like I don’t enjoy learning,” she told Riley one drippy evening when she was rocking baby Jared. “But it was always such a long way to town, rain or shine, and all of the exciting things were happening on the ranch.” She rocked a bit more and then finished, “But I reckon I learned reading so I could bury myself in a good dime novel, writing so I can keep up my journal, and arithmetic so I can keep the ranch accounts.” Riley laughed his agreement. What’s Andi favorite subject? Go here >>

What’s included in the Back-to-School Bundle?

  • any two books in the Circle C store (includes The Terrible Secret, which arrived in time for the giveaway!)
  • a Circle C writing journal and Circle C pen
  • a tote bag to store your books and supplies
  • a Circle C Adventures (or Milestones) magnet to display your work on the fridge.
  • Circle C stickers to decorate your schoolwork

How long does the Giveaway run?

Giveaway runs for TWO WEEKS, Friday, August 26 – Friday, September 9, at 5pm Pacific Time. Winner will be contacted by email and also announced on the blog on Saturday, September 10th. Have fun!

How do I Enter the Giveaway?

It’s easy! Click the “Enter the Giveaway” button below. The only entry requirement is your email address (so I can contact the winner). After you click the button, you will enter and see a bunch of other ways to earn bonus entries (worth 2 or 3 entries a piece!) Those are OPTIONAL but it seems a little crazy not to earn as many bonus entries as you can, right? You can earn about a dozen extra entries! (Don’t pay attention to anything that says you have to be over 21. That doesn’t apply to this contest.)

Note: Giveaway open to U.S. mailing addresses only.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

100 thoughts on “Back-to-School Giveaway Has Ended

  1. My favorite school subject is a cross between literature and history. I love learning about all of the characters in history, and I especially love seeing all of the different politics that have affected our country through the years. I am also a lover of books, and enjoy the exposure to all the different genres when I read assigned books for lit.
    ~Anna Elizabeth

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  2. Mrs M. When I click the share via email it just says untitled. Is it something with my computer or is it the system for the giveaway?


  3. My favourite school subject has always been English/Language Arts, ever since I started school. My least favourite has been math for equally as long.

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    1. Once a Fan Fiction story has been published on the website, it can no longer be offered as a contest entry. Contest entries must be original stories. However, your contest stories may be published as fan fiction stories once the contest is over.


    1. What are you talking about? Sending a story to a contest I haven’t announced yet? That is a good way to get it lost forever. Lol. I’m terrible at keeping track of things unless they are all organized in folders. Since I have no contest planned right now, your story would get lost in my email. Eeks


  4. @Anonymous
    When you put in you email and it says that you were entered scroll down and it should have a list of things example: subscribe to the andi carter YouTube channel, make a comment about you fav subject in school….
    Just press either of them and do what it says and you get more bonus entries😊😊

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      1. Not sure what you are asking. You put your email in the email box (after you click the enter the giveaway button) and then a new page opens and says Congratulations You’re In!

        Then you will see a whole bunch of other options to earn more bonus entries. I can’t explain it any simpler than that. Good luck!


  5. Yeah!!!!! two Days!! until we see who gets the giveaway!!:)
    Oh yeah I just remeberd we are going to be gone on saterday! well Good luck everybody!


    1. Actually, if you click the actual giveaway, it says “7 days, 18 hours.” It is a two-week giveaway and ends September 9.
      I was thinking of shortening it, but then realized I had sent out newsletter emails that promised two weeks. Sorry for the misunderstanding on the actual post. The GIVEAWAY itself has the correct contest running dates on it. I have corrected the dates in the blog post


  6. My favorite subject is zoology and US history. I’m also taking a history class that’s all about horses!! It’s really fun. Next yr I might be able to take an animal science class!!!

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  7. Mrs. M., when I click “share via email”, it pops up with some kind of email program. I don’t have an account on there. Can I share it through my own email program? Also, by “share via email”, does that mean to share the URL?


  8. Mrs M if you click on the “enter giveaway” button it says that the winners have not been picked.
    But i thought Amy was the winner!


  9. I just checked my email, and have been for the past hour or so, but I have seen no coupon at all. I already have a cart filled out and am just waiting on the coupon to purchase the items. Is there a way that you could make sure I got my coupon?


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