Goldtown Christmas Basket Winner

Congratulations to Anna Parks, the winner of the Goldtown Christmas basket. Enjoy your prize! There were 186 entries and 1,422 “bonus” entries. Please respond to the email I sent you by 5pm Wednesday, December 7, or the King Sumo app will choose a new random winner. Thanks for playing, everyone!

Don’t forget! The 300 Followers Giveaway ends tomorrow (Tuesday, December 6) at 5pm.

The SAVE15 coupon code, which gives you 15% off on anything and everything in the Circle C store (+ free shipping) is good through December 13. Circle C Store >>

What do you win?

One winner receives this basket of Christmas goodies (basket not included):

  1. Goldtown Adventures books 1-2 (ages 9-13)
  2. Goldtown Adventures Audio CDs (MP3 format) books 1-2
  3. Goldtown Beginnings books 1-2 (ages 6-9)
  4. Goldtown ceramic mug with hot chocolate packets for “sipping and reading”
  5. Vial of real gold
  6. Packet of chocolate “gold nuggets”
Prize Gallery

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

37 thoughts on “Goldtown Christmas Basket Winner

  1. Mrs. M, you said the contest runs from November 28 – December 5. But then you said you’re announcing the winner on December 5. Are you announcing the winner on the same day the contest ends?

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  2. When my brother got the gold town beers he also got a vial of gold. Who knows we’re the gold is but the vial is now empty


  3. Umm… Mrs. M? You did it again. You said the 300 followers giveaway ends tomorrow, Tuesday, December 6. Today is December 6. Tomorrow is Wednesday, December 7. πŸ™‚


      1. Since you are commenting on the Goldtown basket, it did end yesterday (you can go to the official giveaway and see the dates) and the winner was announced today. The 300 followers giveaway ends today and winner is announced tomorrow. I guess maybe the only way to avoid confusion is to not have very many giveaways.


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