First Goat Kids of 2023

January 3 saw Ellie’s goat Coconut kidding. But of course, Ellie was gone for the day with her brother. So, Kristel and I got the joy of the first babies of what is shaping up to be a super-busy kidding time (with atmospheric rivers scheduled for this week). Yikes! But here is the first, and the first is always fun (especially if they are born during the day and not in the middle of the night).

At any rate, I saw Coconut’s udder was pretty tight in the morning. I milked a few drops, so we knew she was going to have her kids today (Tuesday). She had them, all right. Kristel is the goat obstetrician (helps the mama) and I am the goat pediatrician (I help the kids). She was delivering those kids so fast I hardly had time to suck out their mouths before another one was born.

Yes, Kristel had to assist. We like it when the goats just do their thing and have their kids. But all of the kids except one were breech this time, so they had to come out fast. And they did, with Kristel’s help. Four kids, bang, bang, bang, but #3 was stuck, even though she was head first. It was a difficult, tangled delivery, so sadly, we lost #3. However, the other three are just as frisky and healthy as all get out. I put iodine on their cords and showed them how to get their first meal. We do not mess around waiting for the babies to figure out where Mama’s udder is. We assist. And now they are bouncy with full tummies.

Enjoy the gallery and these two video “shorts.”

Here they are bouncing all over the place.

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22 thoughts on “First Goat Kids of 2023

  1. I love your posts about goats! Those kids are so cute and so sorry you lost number 3. πŸ˜” I’m currently waiting for my own 2023 kids to be born lol

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    1. The buck got out so all these does are January!!! Maybe two that did not take are February.
      We have 4 dwarf Nigerians due (one just kidded of course), and 7 dairy goats due and the rain and wind will not stop!

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  2. Oh my goodness! Goats seem to pick the most awful weeks to kid πŸ™„ Back in 2014 our buck had gotten out and bred all 8 does in just one night and they all kidded on the coldest week of the whole year, in February.


  3. Nice! πŸ˜€ that’s a lot of kids – but a bit early in my opinion! Starting late Feb its going to get super busy over here! πŸ™‚


  4. That is so cute the way they’re wagging their little tails so fast, and that little one at the end is so playful!


  5. we just named our goat coconut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please subscribe to my brother’s youttube channel if u can… he needs subs. its at ww studios.


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