Elizabeth Carter Character Quiz

Heather J. is the winner of the quiz. Congratulations. Here are the winners, whose names went into the bowl to pick out for the random drawing. They either got every answer correct, or they missed 1 and got the bonus question right. Scroll down to see the correct answers.

  • Heather J.
  • Heidi J.
  • Micaiah C.
  • Angela W.
  • Naomi F.
  • Danielle N.

Any Circle C (or Goldtown) digital audio book, plus a brand-new glossy, acrylic keychain (choose “Taffy” or “Mane Flowers”).

How well do you know Elizabeth Carter?

The book from which the answers come are included. Have fun and good luck!

  1. What did Mother win a blue ribbon for at the fair? (Andi’s Fair Surprise)
    • A. a patchwork quilt
    • B. jelly
    • C. pickles
  2. What did Mother ask Andi to do with the lamb she won? (Andi’s Fair Surprise)
    • A. surprise the little girl in the barn by giving the lamb to her
    • B. give the lamb back to the sheepherder
    • C. take it home and raise it all by herself
  3. Whose side does Mother usually in arguments regarding Andi and the ranch? (All Books)
    • A. Justin’s
    • B. Chad’s
    • C. Andi’s
  4. Andi tries to mind her manners and not talk back to avoid __________? (All Books)
    • A. a scolding from Mother
    • B. extra chores assigned by Mother
    • C. being sent to her room by Mother
  5. What does Aunt Rebecca always scold Mother for when she comes to visit? (All Books)
    • A. for not letting Melinda live with her and attend school in San Francisco
    • B. for allowing Justin to pursue law instead of helping run the ranch
    • C. for yielding to Andi’s tomboyish ways
  6. What do Melinda and Andi give Mother for Christmas? (Andi’s Circle C Christmas)
    • A. needlework and a drawing
    • B. a sewing kit and Christmas cookies
    • C. a knitted scarf and a knitted potholder
  7. What special breakfast do Mother and Luisa only make on birthdays? (Andi Saddles Up)
    • A. flapjacks with maple syrup
    • B. waffles and hot chocolate
    • C. buttermilk biscuits and gravy
  8. What does Mother not allow Andi to do at the circus? (Andi Under the Big Top)
    • A. attend the sideshow
    • B. go behind the scenes and meet the performers
    • C. sell Taffy to Mr. Coleman
  9. What is Mother’s idea to cut down on the quarrels between ranch hands? (Andi Lassos trouble)
    • A. She suggests hosting a rodeo.
    • B. She suggests raising their pay.
    • C. She suggests that Justin get involved.
  10. Why does Mother take Miss Hall place as teacher? (Andi to the Rescue)
    • A. Miss Hall feels it is time to take a break from teaching.
    • B. Miss Hall needs to take time off to visit her sick sister.
    • C. Miss Hall falls and sprains her ankle.
  11. What do the students say to Andi about her mother being the teacher? (Andi to the Rescue)
    • A. They make fun of her for being Teacher’s Pet.
    • B. They are worried that Andi’s mother might give them a licking.
    • C. They wish their mothers were smart enough to teach school.
  12. Why do the two outlaws kidnap Mother and Andi? (Andi to the Rescue)
    • A. The men mistake Mother for Miss Hall, but they recognize Andi as a Carter, and hold her for ransom.
    • B. The men recognize Mother as Elizabeth Carter and want to hold her for ransom.
    • C. The men mistake Mother for Miss Hall and want the “teacher” to come teach their boss how to read.
  13. Why doesn’t Mother tell the men that she is not Miss Hall? (Andi to the Rescue)
    • A. She fears the men will kill her and Andi.
    • B. She is afraid that after realizing their mistake the outlaws will now go after the real Miss Hall.
    • C. She knows of these outlaws and is curious to discover what they really want.
  14. What does Mother want Andi to do after spending five days in a cabin with the boss outlaw? (Andi to the rescue)
    • A. tell the outlaws who she is
    • B. climb out the window, sneak away, and go for help
    • C. not leave Mother’s side because the outlaws are getting annoyed with Andi’s presence.
  15. What does Mother promise to do for Mr. Benton? (Andi to the Rescue)
    • A. find his long-lost daughter, Caroline
    • B. visit him in jail and continue teaching him to read
    • C. ask Justin to defend Mr. Benton in court
  16. What does Mother give Andi before Andi leaves to find gold? (Andi dreams of gold)
    • A. a white cloth filled with food
    • B. an old gold pan and a shovel
    • C. outerwear to keep her warm
  17. What one thought bothers Andi before falling asleep in Loony Lou’s cabin? (Andi dreams of gold)
    • A. She fears Loony Lou really is crazy.
    • B. She worries about Taffy and Flash are outside in the rain.
    • C. She fears Mother will worry about her.
  18. What does Mother say Andi cannot do because of the epidemic? (Andi Far from Home)
    • A. give her Indian friend, Choo-nook, a doll
    • B. play with her town friends
    • C. go outdoors to play with Taffy
  19. What does Doctor Weaver recommend Mother do to protect Andi from the epidemic? (Andi Far from Home)
    • A. send Andi to Aunt Rebecca’s in the city
    • B. quarantine Andi in her room
    • C. not let Chad or Mitch go near the bunkhouse with the sick men.
  20. What does Mother think Andi might want to do? (Andi Far from Home)
    • A. visit Melinda at her school in San Francisco
    • B. see Cory when she goes to town with Justin
    • C. come home to the ranch for her tenth birthday
  21. Bonus question: What color is Mother’s (Elizabeth’s) hair? Blond (note: if you looked at the picture in this post to answer this question and said “brown,” you should have found “blond” in the books. It’s mentioned numerous times throughout the series.)

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  1. It says that there’s another Elizabeth quiz in February for older readers, but can older kids join in on this one, or do we need to choose only one to join in on?

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  2. My sister is going to enter this one, and I am planning on entering the one next month, but can I also enter the one this month?


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