Elizabeth Carter Character Quiz

Heather J. is the winner of the quiz. Congratulations. Here are the winners, whose names went into the bowl to pick out for the random drawing. They either got every answer correct, or they missed 1 and got the bonus question right. Scroll down to see the correct answers. Prize Any Circle C (or Goldtown)Continue reading “Elizabeth Carter Character Quiz”

Aunt Rebecca Quiz Winner

See past character quizzes (and winners) in Andi’s Attic >> Congratulations, Tori H. You won the Quiz. Here are the other winners (either 100% or missing one but getting the Bonus, which equals 100%. Scroll down to see the correct answers. It was hard to land on a character, since many suggested in the email withContinue reading “Aunt Rebecca Quiz Winner”

Justin Carter Character Quiz

See past character quizzes (and winners) in Andi’s Attic >> CAIA O. IS THE WINNER OF THE JUSTIN QUIZ. (I used Random.org to choose the winner out of 16 entries.) Since everybody likes to know who got 100%, here you go. There were 16 entries with 100%. Many got 100% because they answered the bonus questionContinue reading “Justin Carter Character Quiz”

Melinda Carter Character Quiz

See past character quizzes (and winners) in Andi’s Attic >> Congratulations, Ellie B. You are the winner of the eight 100% results that came in. If you haven’t gotten my email, contact me so I can send you your prize. The eight entrants who got either all 20 questions correct (or who missed one butContinue reading “Melinda Carter Character Quiz”

Jenny Grant Character Quiz

See past character quizzes in Andi’s Attic >> And the winner is . . . KYRA J. Congratulations, Kyra. Although she missed one of the questions, she did answer the Bonus Question correctly, and that allowed her to be included in the 100% entry “pot” from which a random winner was chosen. By popular request,Continue reading “Jenny Grant Character Quiz”

Cory Blake Character Quiz

Congratulations to Ellie Moen, winner of this month’s character quiz. (Email me ASAP to claim your prize.) We set a record for quiz entries this month–45 hopeful entries. Of those, 28 responders got all of the answers right–100%. That is amazing, and so many that I can’t list them here. You will know who youContinue reading “Cory Blake Character Quiz”