Valentine’s Day Winner!

Josie L. is the winner! Check out the fun Valentine’s Card I made with the verse on the inside. Andi might really have gotten something like this. Josie chose a Circle C hat as her prize, but sadly, I can’t find any of them anywhere! So her second choice is the pink Circle C Milestones journal. Good choice, Josie. I think you will like it!

My judge, Ms. Patton, could not pick only one. She had a hard time. So she selected a couple runners up too. Actually, she had a hard time with even trying to do that. She really liked them. Marenn H. had a fun acrostic Valentine’s Day card, and Trinity S.’s card caught Ms. Patton’s eye, as well. (Oh dear. I could go on and on.) You can see all of the entries, their verses, and their gifts by clicking the button below. They are listed in the order the Google Form listed them. I deleted all the last names and email addresses to protect everybody’s privacy. So, with no further delay, click this button to read the winner, the runners up, and all 33 entries.

Winning Verse and Valentine’s Gift

The outside of the card is on the left. The inside of the card with the verse is on the right.
A carved, wooden jewelry box filled with taffy candy. Why? The poem is about Taffy, and taffy candy is also Andi’s favorite candy.

Contest Rules from last week

Valentine’s Day Mini-Writing Contest Rules

  1. Create a Valentine’s Day verse that Andi might have received in a card for Valentine’s Day at some time in her life. You can choose a humorous poem, a sweetheart poem, or a rude poem (but in good taste), depending on who sends it. Make sure you include who it’s from!
  2. Also include a Valentine’s gift from the same person. What would it be and why? .


What does the winner receive, whose Valentine’s Card verse is chosen? One single book (print), or one audio book (MP3 format), or any single item in the Circle C Store (does not include lapbooks, enrichment guides, MP3 audio book set players, or combo gift packs). How cool is that? I just want to show you fans a little “love” for Valentine’s Day. Click on the image to check out the store for prizes.

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

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