If You Show a Goat a Bucket . . .

. . . expect to be mobbed.

All those pretty little babies we were so proud of this year? They have grown into beasts, and their mamas are not as nice as they used to be. They all act like they are always starving to death. They are not. There is tons of grass and we feed them grain and hay . . . and more grain and more hay.

If You Show a Goat a Wagon . . .

. . . expect to be mobbed.

We have so much frozen goat milk from last year, that Kristel and I decided to move it from the utility room chest freezer to the barn freezer so it would be closer to where I can use it. I am bottle-feeding the new baby, Sweet Maverick. Kristel bought him a couple of weeks ago. Scroll past the cute video of Maverick to the rest of this ill-fated story.

Anyway, she and I used the wagon to load up the gallon bags of milk for transfer, since they weigh so much (we have a lot of milk).

Unfortunately, it slipped our minds that the goats would hear that ol’ wagon rolling along. It doubles as a hay wagon, so they associate it with their hay. They came swarming around the wagon (20+ goats) just as we were trying to steer it down the sidewalk along the garage. They pushed and shoved so hard that Kristel was thrown against the side of the garage and into a very hard corner/object. I did not see it. I was too busy pulling the wagon. When I heard the yelling, I whirled. Kristel was writhing on the ground. (She later told me it was the worst injury pain she had ever experienced since her horse Panda stepped on her foot when she was age 11.)

After about a minute of waiting for her to get up and finish the job (since the goats were now trying to eat the Ziplock bags to get to the milk), I thought I’d go ahead and take a video to remember this moment, and to cement her decision to sell TEN goats at the livestock auction next Saturday.

They have to go. They are turning into a goat rendition of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror movie The Birds. Only it’s The Goats.

After seeing the two videos, I’m sure you will agree. Worse, I took a scoop of grain to lure the goats back into their pasture so Kristel could milk. I tripped in my crocks (because the goats were all around me, stepping on my feet, etc.). I fell flat, the grain exploded, and the goats swarmed me, the grain, and the scoop. Kristel grabbed my arm to pull me away from these 20+ goats with their sharp hooves, but I was laughing too hard to get up. I finally crawled away and got up. And then, since the goats were still not in their pasture, I had to go back for more grain.

All in a day’s work.

Kristel bought me this cute goat T-shirt. After today, I’m tempted to cross out the “glory” and replace it with “bruises.” Kristel has two big ones–a long one shaped like Manhattan Island, and the most recent the size of Cincinnati. Mine is a big one on my foot, where the goats trampled all over me trying to get to the grain.

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29 thoughts on “If You Show a Goat a Bucket . . .

    1. By the way, your entry to the What Is It contest was deleted. Why? Because you did not include your email. You put your first name in Name and your last name in Email. So was Ted. Sorry. Without the required email (so I can contact you if you win), your entry is deleted. Just thought you might want to know in case it was a mistake.

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  1. Hahahaha oh noo!!! XD I can definitely agree to “if you show a goat a bucket, prepare to be mobbed,” and the “no goats, no bruises” thing haha. Our goats like to jump on you when you bring in the food bucket lol, so ofc their sharp little hoofs will hurt. Are you guys doing ok now?
    Loll, I bet it was like “the crow” hahaha! XD Now I am just imagining that movie, but instead of the crows in it, they are just replaced w goats haha

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  2. Goats can be… crazy. We used to have two, JUST two, and yet… yeah. One was like a lapdog, slow, cuddly. The other one couldn’t tell finger from carrot XD
    hey, Maverick is the name of a character in my WIP! I love that name!

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  3. Ouch!! I’m so sorry, Mrs. M and Kristel!! I am sure it hurt a ton!!

    I like The Birds by Alfred Hitchhock! I’ve only watched it once though, but I want to watch it again. And if you compare the goats to The Birds, then that must have been crazy!


  4. That sounds terrible!
    On time my horse was fighting me as I was trying to lead him out of his paddock so I decided to coax him with food.
    It did not work. All the other horses swarmed me. It was awful! Probably not as bad as the goats swarming you though!


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