The Colt’s Name Reveal

Thanks so much for your patience. I was able to get this up a half hour early, so, here we go! Instead of just announcing it in a boring old blog post, we wanted to do something special, since this little guy is so very special. He is the calmest foal ever! He comes right up to us and nuzzles and nibbles (we should have named him Nibbler, I think). He’s an extra-big foal so it’s good that he is a gentleman. But all of Rubicon’s offspring are guaranteed to be quiet, calm, and nice.

Here is the colt’s grandsire, sire, and himself. Sire and grandsire are cremellos, but our little guy will be a GOLDEN palomino because of his sorrel dam, Scarlett. She gave him the pigment that will color him beautiful in one year. The breeder saw both of the new foals in photos and said Taffy will be a darker (maybe even dark orange?) palomino but the colt will be a very golden guy. Two gorgeous babies, one double-registered (Taffy) as Paint and warmblood. Colt is half-registered warmblood.

So, with no further delay, here is the Name Reveal Video. Enjoy! And congratulations to the contestant who suggested this name (Macey). Three of the Ross girls were adamant about this name when all was said and done. Even Dad got into the excitement of choosing the name (since this will eventually be his mount since the horse will be so big).

Welcome, Dakota!

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25 thoughts on “The Colt’s Name Reveal

  1. Congratulations Macey!! Dakota is a much better name than the one I suggested. My old dogs name was also Dakota. 🙂


  2. Awww what a beautiful foal with a beautiful name. High-five to Macey!
    Thank you to Mrs. M, (of course), for taking the time to make this for us! 🙂


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