Chuck Wagon (and Recipes)

Find more Andi’s Journal and Circle C Recipes in Andi’s Attic >> July 1886 It’s too bad Riley married somebody who can lasso better than she can cook. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but somehow my best ideas do not turn out. Then Riley gave me his best idea ever! “Here’s what you needContinue reading “Chuck Wagon (and Recipes)”

Where Can I Buy a Watch?

Did you ever think about how certain big stores got their start? Ever heard of the old Sears & Roebuck company? If not, you may enjoy this fun history tale from Andi’s point of view. Note: The original startup history is true, but Mrs. M took literary license and allowed Andi to see the catalog, whichContinue reading “Where Can I Buy a Watch?”

President Garfield Assassinated!

Read more journal entries and blasts from the past in Andi’s Attic >> Andi’s Journal July 11, 1881. Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Oh, dear, it’s true! Our new president (who has only been in office about six months or so) was assassinated this last summer. It happened on July 2, 1881. Mitch, Cory,Continue reading “President Garfield Assassinated!”

What Did Folks Earn in 1880?

This post first appeared in 2011, after Price of Truth released. See more Andi’s Journal posts (and A Blast from the Past posts) in Andi’s Attic >> Jobs and Wages I was trying to scrounge up enough money to buy my mother a music box for her birthday (Price of Truth). It cost $11.95. MaybeContinue reading “What Did Folks Earn in 1880?”

Andi’s Birthday Through the Years

Read more journal entries in Andi’s Attic >> May 26, 1887 Many people during the 1800s don’t celebrate birthdays. Just being alive is a celebration in itself. In fact, did you know that for many centuries after Christ, many Christians felt a “birthday” celebration was part of pagan worship? That finally blew over, and theContinue reading “Andi’s Birthday Through the Years”

Jared’s Swimming Lesson – 2

For more Andi’s Journal, go to Andi’s Attic >> Part 2 Early May 1890 I don’t see how Riley could ever have thought teaching our two-and-a-half-year-old son to swim would be a good idea. Maybe it goes back to, again, the difference between mothers and fathers? Because right now, despite his assurances, my heart won’tContinue reading “Jared’s Swimming Lesson – 2”