Good News and Bad Memories

See more Andi’s Journal entries >> March 1891 I couldn’t wait to spill ink in my journal today. The most exciting thing has transpired. Mitch, who has always been closed-mouth about any young lady friends, finally made an announcement. He told us at Sunday dinner that he is riding out to the Triple L thisContinue reading “Good News and Bad Memories”

Snow on Memory Creek!

See more Andi’s Journal entries >> Note from Mrs. M: this journal entry is based on true weather events. The weather here in the lower foothills has been unprecedented. Snow everywhere. Thank goodness it melted away the next day. Snow, snow, go away! February 1891 Will spring never arrive? For the first time since IContinue reading “Snow on Memory Creek!”

1890 Christmas Greetings from Memory Creek Ranch

See more Andi’s Journal and Photo Fridays in Andi’s Attic >> Christmas Letter, 1890 I feel so blessed this Christmas 1890. Our little man, Jared, is three and a half. The twins, Charlotte and Lillian, are healthy, happy, and rambunctious six-month-olds. Just last week, the girls cut their first two teeth. They were cranky andContinue reading “1890 Christmas Greetings from Memory Creek Ranch”

1800s Inventions for Andi

See more Blasts from the Past and Andi’s Journal in Andi’s Attic >> Christmas 1878 I was so disappointed not to be able to portray Mary until Christmas was well on its way out. Sure, the pageant was lovely, but on New Year’s Eve? Really? Besides, I was still so tired after my bout withContinue reading “1800s Inventions for Andi”

Scarlet Fever, 1800s Style

See more Blasts from the Past and Andi’s Journal in Andi’s Attic >> Christmas 1878 We almost didn’t have Christmas this year. I came down with scarlet fever, and so did a lot of other kids in town. Doctor Weaver closed school with a big sign that read “QUARANTINE,” which means nobody can be withContinue reading “Scarlet Fever, 1800s Style”

Thanksgiving 1890 🦃Part Four

Part Four November 1890, Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving I picked up Lilly from her crib and strolled into the sitting room. “Where are Lottie and Ellen?” I asked Sarah, who sat in the straight-back chair, sewing a sampler. Sarah looked up, a bemused expression on her face. She looked around in surprise. “Oh, IContinue reading “Thanksgiving 1890 🦃Part Four”

Thanksgiving 1890 🦃 Part Three

Read more journal entries in Andi’s Attic >> Part Three November 1890, the day before Thanksgiving Riley’ parents, Robert and Carrie, trotted up to Memory Creek ranch right on time, just as the sun was going down on Tuesday. I held supper just in case the train was on time, and it was! Chicken pot pieContinue reading “Thanksgiving 1890 🦃 Part Three”

Thanksgiving 1890 🦃Part Two

Read more journal entries in Andi’s Attic >> Read Part One >> Part Two November 1890, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I hadn’t planned on breaking the news to Mother that our small Thanksgiving celebration of just her, Riley, me, and the children had ballooned to three times the size. I figured it was time for meContinue reading “Thanksgiving 1890 🦃Part Two”

Thanksgiving 1890 🦃 Part One

Read more journal entries in Andi’s Attic >> Part One November 1890 I must have been out of my mind when I offered to host Thanksgiving at Memory Creek ranch. At the time, it seemed like a wonderful idea. After all, Mother always hosts Thanksgiving and I thought it might be nice to offer to doContinue reading “Thanksgiving 1890 🦃 Part One”