1800s Inventions for Andi

See more Blasts from the Past and Andi’s Journal in Andi’s Attic >> Christmas 1878 I was so disappointed not to be able to portray Mary until Christmas was well on its way out. Sure, the pageant was lovely, but on New Year’s Eve? Really? Besides, I was still so tired after my bout withContinue reading “1800s Inventions for Andi”

Scarlet Fever, 1800s Style

See more Blasts from the Past and Andi’s Journal in Andi’s Attic >> Christmas 1878 We almost didn’t have Christmas this year. I came down with scarlet fever, and so did a lot of other kids in town. Doctor Weaver closed school with a big sign that read “QUARANTINE,” which means nobody can be withContinue reading “Scarlet Fever, 1800s Style”

Chuck Wagon (and Recipes)

Find more Andi’s Journal and Circle C Recipes in Andi’s Attic >> July 1886 It’s too bad Riley married somebody who can lasso better than she can cook. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but somehow my best ideas do not turn out. Then Riley gave me his best idea ever! “Here’s what you needContinue reading “Chuck Wagon (and Recipes)”

Where Can I Buy a Watch?

Did you ever think about how certain big stores got their start? Ever heard of the old Sears & Roebuck company? If not, you may enjoy this fun history tale from Andi’s point of view. Note: The original startup history is true, but Mrs. M took literary license and allowed Andi to see the catalog, whichContinue reading “Where Can I Buy a Watch?”

President Garfield Assassinated!

Read more journal entries and blasts from the past in Andi’s Attic >> Andi’s Journal July 11, 1881. Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Oh, dear, it’s true! Our new president (who has only been in office about six months or so) was assassinated this last summer. It happened on July 2, 1881. Mitch, Cory,Continue reading “President Garfield Assassinated!”