Levi Character Quiz on Hold

Since we just finished up one contest (the Winter Writing contest) and are now in the middle of the Milestones Valentine giveaway/writing contest from my publisher, I have put the scheduled post for the Levi Character Quiz on hold for one month. It’s really hard to keep up with all of the contests and giveaways.Continue reading “Levi Character Quiz on Hold”

Riley Quiz Winner and Answers

See more Character Quizzes in Andi’s Attic >> We had twenty entries! Eight of you got them all right, so Christian (aka “Henry” on the Andi Under the Big Top cover) drew the winner. Isabel is the winner. Scroll down to find the answers and see if you were one of the top eight contestantsContinue reading “Riley Quiz Winner and Answers”

Andi Carter Quiz Answers & Winner

See more Character Quizzes in Andi’s Attic >> First of all, thanks for the enthusiastic response! Over two dozen contacted me with their answers. However, I was not able to have a random drawing among those who usually tie for all the answers correct or for just one wrong, etc. Here’s why not. Question #3Continue reading “Andi Carter Quiz Answers & Winner”