#8-Point of View

See more Let’s Write writing tips in Andi’s Attic >> Many fans love to rewrite stories from another character’s point of view. For instance, in 2015, “Anne” rewrote a scene from Dangerous Decision from Cory’s point of view. Other readers have rewritten familiar scenes from Riley’s point of view or Kate’s or any number of characters. So,Continue reading “#8-Point of View”

#6-Dead Words

Find more Let’s Write writing tips in Andi’s Atatic >> Here’s a writing tip a lot of beginning (maybe even experienced) authors probably don’t think about very much: DEAD WORDS What are “dead” words? They are words that quickly kill your story. Remember writing tip #5 about “showing” characters’ feelings? The key word is “show.”Continue reading “#6-Dead Words”

You Know You’re a Writer When . . .

I like to recycle this fun writing quiz every year or so for new readers. It was first created back in 2013 by Calamity Renee (Emily McConnell) to separate us writers from the rest of the world’s population. It’s creative and right on. Decide how many of these clues relate to you. Then look atContinue reading “You Know You’re a Writer When . . .”